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Wild Leap Brew Co. Releases Cookies & Cream Stout

Wild Leap Brew Co. Releases Cookies & Cream Stout

Wild Leap Brew Co. in LaGrange, Georgia has announced the release of a new beer inspired by the delectable flavors of cookies and cream. Full details from the brewery are below.

Introducing Cookies & Cream Stout, a sweet, creamy beer entering Wild Leap’s exclusive stout collection. Cookies & Cream hits shelves the last week of April and will be available for purchase in four-packs at your local retailer.

Cookies & Cream Stout is a big, sweet milk stout brewed with cocoa, vanilla and lactose. Crafted to taste like cookies and cream ice cream, this approach to beer is a style distinctive to the Wild Leap brand.

“Occasionally we like to design beers that reflect on my 8+ years working in the ice cream industry,” says Wild Leap’s Chief Brewing Officer, Chris Elliott.  “One of my favorite flavors is Cookies n’ Cream, and our staff was really excited about the idea of designing a stout that tastes just like the ice cream.”

Wild Leap stouts are not just enjoyed during the cooler months. The Wild Leap mentality is about being offbeat and experimental.

“When people think “stout” they may tend to think fall or winter. We don’t like to pigeon-hole beers that way, though,” says Anthony Rodriguez, Wild Leap CEO and Co-Founder. “The familiar, sweet taste of ice cream you get when drinking Cookies & Cream makes it a perfect stout for warmer months.”

Cookies & Cream Stout tastes like vanilla ice cream and finishes with a chocolate cookie taste. It’s a rich and delicious beer, clocking in at 10.5% ABV.

Cookies & Cream Stout will debut the week of April 27.

Voted America’s Best New Brewery of 2019 by USA Today, Wild Leap delights customers with innovative and approachable craft beer. Our trademark IPAs and ales along with seasonal porters, stouts and Double IPAs have become favorites around Georgia. With the launch of our signature craft vodka, Wild Leap is proving that when it comes to craft beverages, we’re raising the bar!

For information on future releases, events and more, visit us at wildleap.com.