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Wild Leap Brew Co. Unveils Three Harvest Double IPA Summer 2020 Version

Wild Leap Brew Co. Unveils Three Harvest Double IPA Summer 2020 Version

Wild Leap Brew Co. in LaGrange, Georgia has announced the release of its Three Harvest Double IPA Summer 2020 version. Full details from the brewery are below.

Three Harvest Double IPA is back with a new summer crop of hydroponically grown Cascade hops. In collaboration with hydroponic hop farm Extreme Hops AL, Wild Leap’s Three Harvest Double IPA uses wet hops directly off the hop bines. The summer release of Three Harvest hits shelves today.

Wild Leap stepped into the world of hydroponic hops a little over a year ago when approached by Head Hop Farmer at Extreme Hops AL, Ralf DuToit. “When Ralf approached us with his hop project, asking us to test the first harvest of his hydroponic hops, we couldn’t believe it,” says Wild Leap Co-Founder and CEO, Anthony Rodriguez. “Hydroponic hop farms in the U.S. are far and few between and generally produce a limited amount of hops. After we tested a small batch, we knew this was the start of something truly unique.”

Three Harvest is a well-balanced double IPA brewed with wet, unkilned whole cone Cascade hops. Harvested for immediate introduction into the kettle, the use of traditional Cascade hops gives Three Harvest notes of pine and grapefruit flavors. Thick in body similar to other Wild Leap Double IPAs, Three Harvest clocks in at 8.2% ABV.

“Three Harvest is the first beer to come out of our hydroponic hop journey with Extreme Hops AL and it’s nowhere near the last,” says Wild Leap’s Chief Brewing Officer, Chris Elliott. “We’ve been working with Ralf and a research team out of Auburn University on best practices and methods when working with hydroponic hops. We’re adding different cultivations and strains of hops over the next few growing seasons, so consumers can expect our flavor profiles to expand in the near future.”

Named after the minimum number of harvests it can produce each year, Three Harvest Double IPA bypasses the constraints of growing season to produce fresh hop beers off-season. Three Harvest is available today at Wild Leap for curbside pickup in six-packs and crowlers as well as for sale at your favorite retailers throughout Georgia this week. The summer release of Three Harvest Double IPA will be available for a limited time.

Voted America’s Best New Brewery of 2019 by USA Today, Wild Leap delights customers with innovative and approachable craft beer. Our trademark IPAs and ales along with seasonal porters, stouts and Double IPAs have become favorites around Georgia. With the launch of our signature craft vodka, Wild Leap is proving that when it comes to craft beverages, we’re raising the bar!

For information on future releases, events and more, visit us at wildleap.com.