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Wynwood Brewing Announces Barrel-Aged Strong Ale

Wynwood Brewing Announces Barrel-Aged Strong Ale

Miami's Wynwood Brewing, located in the eponymous Wynwood district of the city (and where BC visited a few years ago), has announced the release of B.A. Octopus on the Wall, named after a striking mural by local artist Insano that stood watch over the brewery in its formative years.

In fact, the artist behind that mural has collaborated with Wynwood on this beer's label artwork. The brewery has worked with Insano in the past, as he is responsible for some of the brewery's vivid artwork throughout.

The full release regarding B.A. Octopus on the Wall is below.

Miami, Fla., April 3, 2018 --  Wynwood Brewing Co. (WBCo), the independent, family-operated first craft production brewery in Miami, teamed up with international street artist Insano to create “B. A. Octopus on the Wall,” a Barrel Aged American Strong Ale  featuring bottle artwork designed by the Panamanian artist. The release is set for Noon on Thursday, April 19 at Wynwood Brewing Co.

Octopus On The Wall is the latest beer in Wynwood Brewing’s “Origins Series,” limited-release beers inspired by and dedicated to the art and lifestyle of Wynwood’s arts neighborhood. The beer is a nod to Wynwood Brewing’s early days when Founder Luis Brignoni first created this American Strong Ale in an alley under the watchful gaze of an octopus mural - one of many vibrant murals that give Wynwood its distinctive and diverse character.  

The relationship between Wynwood Brewing and Insano dates back to 2014, when Insano painted the “flamingo doors” that lead into Wynwood’s production facility. Today, those doors are one of the brewery’s most photographed backdrops.

Luis Brignoni, Founder of Wynwood Brewing, reminisced about creating this unique beer, “We brewed this for the first time back in 2011 when we were still finalizing a lot of things with the brewery. We wanted a big hoppy beer with notes of tropical fruit. The first time we tasted it, I remember getting notes of mango and papaya from the hops which we hadn’t seen in other beers at the time. Since then we have continued to load this beer up with a big, juicy American hops.  Collaborating on this beer with Insano, one of the most recognized and beloved graffiti artists in Miami for this release was very meaningful for us, and we’re excited to share Octopus on the Wall with our fans in a couple of weeks.”

Insano added: "I love beer and I love art. So naturally I was very excited to collaborate with Wynwood Brewing Company. For me, the Octopus on the Wall is a representation of Wynwood Arts District, a place where artists from different styles and mediums come to leave their mark ‘on the wall.’"

Over the years Insano has left his mark on the walls of Wynwood Brewing’s facility and now will leave it on the bottles as well. The Octopus On The Wall bottle will be released on Thursday, April 19 at Wynwood Brewing Co.

For more information about Wynwood Brewing Company, visit www.WynwoodBrewing.com. Follow them on social media via @WynwoodBrewing. The brewery is located in Wynwood at 565 NW 24 Street, Miami FL 33127 and phone: (305) 982-8732 or (305) 640-5043.