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Yéyo Tequila Makes Return After Six Years

Yéyo Tequila Makes Return After Six Years

Yéyo Tequila in Los Angeles, California has relaunched after six years. Full details from the brand are below.

Los Angeles, Calif. – In the world of tequila, age is a good thing.  This applies to founders as well.  After selling its last bottle in Oregon in 2014, Yéyo Tequila and founder Jon Bullinger went into rebuilding mode.  Now their Yéyo is back, this time based in Los Angeles – older, wiser and ready to hit the ground running.

Yéyo has signed with Epic Wine and Spirits for initial distribution in California and Nevada. Yéyo can be found in liquor stores and bars throughout both states, including Lee’s Discount Liquor Chain, Old Town Tequila & (online), Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, Greenblatt’s Deli, Hollywood Super Mart, Vintage Grocers, Standard Hotel.  Yéyo is also home once again in Oregon selling in several state liquor stores, bringing great tasting juice back to an eager fan base. Massachusetts and Pennsylvania are currently under way of distribution as well.

Yéyo plans to distribute their Ultra-Premium tequila as well as an Extra Anjeo in a special bottle and box. Future launch plans include Yéyo Anjeo and Yéyo Mezcal.

About Yéyo Tequila:

Yéyo was born from a passion for discovery, and the need to create – a committed march toward perfection in flavor, and the elusive balance of pepper, sweet, and spice. We focus on the highest quality ingredients paired with a refined distilling process to achieve a tequila with a superior taste. It is this commitment that makes our product different than trendy spirits that come to make a big splash, but don’t deliver in the glass. We are not owned by celebrities or billionaires – this tequila is the real deal.  Lovingly farmed, expertly distilled, universally enjoyed. A Tequila, As Intended.

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