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Yuengling Confirms Addition of Louisiana to Distribution Footprint

Yuengling Beer Connoisseur

Yuengling, the largest craft brewer in America for 2015 and the fourth largest overall according to the BA, has added Louisiana to its distribution footprint. The addition will mark the 20th state the venerable brewer supplies. 

"We're really just very disciplined in how we look at expanding and very thorough about how we evaluate what states we can service from existing breweries," said Director of Marketing Tyler Simpson. "We're in no rush to race across the country like maybe some competitors are. It's about moving at the pace we feel is right for us, and building our brands. We've been sequentially expanding over last 30-odd years, but we're in no rush to be everywhere."

Specifics on which brews will be available and who will distribute have not yet been confirmed.