Allagash House Beer

United States
House Beer
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Allagash House beer is bright golden with a fluffy white head. The aroma has hop derived pear and grapefruit notes. The flavor is clean with a slight malt presence and a lingering hop bitterness.


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18/ 20
Box of beers from longstanding friend up east I don’t see often enough. oh wow, creamy yet zesty somehow, high pressure hop hose cleaning it out, spinning the palate around like a country bumpkin’s head standing in middle of Times Square. Smells like outside, captures nature, a get away in a glass. Yeast is pronounced, in fact all the elements of the beer stand out distinctly. East Coast has its own flavor, this beer typifies that uniqueness I’ve been blessed only to visit. Almost a little wild but totally under control of adept brewer keeping the elements contained in the cauldron of fermentation, bottling it up like a late summer snow globe. If this is what they call a house beer, I feel like I live in a cave.