Grand Crew

United States
Grand Crew, Heavy Seas Beer
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Grand Crew is an 8.5% ABV, Amber colored Belgian-style "Grand Cru", with aromas of toast, biscuit, stone fruit, and spice (clove and white pepper). Medium to light bodied, which belies its complexity. Nuanced layers of caramel, toast, spice, yellow raisin, white pepper, and biscuit dominate the flavor profile. It was brewed with six different Belgian malts, light and amber candi syrup (which helps provide the lighter mouthfeel) and a Belgian yeast blend of three different attenuative strains. Eight months of Pinot Noir wine barrel aging expands the depth of flavor, with subtle hints of dark fruit and oak entwined with the toasty, biscuity, spicy Belgian character, while also providing vinous, grape, and earthy aromas.


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