Palm Royale
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This ale type, which was given the name PALM Royale (ROY-ALE), was created in 2003 for PALM brewer Alfred Van Roy’s 90th birthday. His passion for the distinct fermentation fruitiness of his personally selected PALM yeast is perfectly embodied in PALM Royale: a real royal treat of a beer. Its appearance is copper-coloured, with a rich, white head which clings to the glass. The aroma is reminiscent of banana, the flavour has bite with a great deal of body. The beer is slightly sweet due to the alcohol, but is nevertheless somewhat bitter and fruity too.


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Brewery Introduction

The history of PALM Breweries goes back to 1686. At that time Theodoor Cornet, estate manager of Diepensteyn Castle, was the proprietor of an inn opposite the church in Steenhuffel. He brewed beer and distilled jenever there for his guests, also brewing a heavier “Counts’ beer” for the Lords of... Read More