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2X Rye

New York
United States
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What is rye? Rye is a cereal grain historically grown in our region. It has been cultivated since the time of the early settlers due to its scrappy and hearty ability to withstand harsh climates and poor growing conditions. Did you know George Washington grew rye and used it to ferment whiskey? We are pretty sure that is a fact. You will notice the distinct notes of rye, a slightly spicy and grainy aroma, not lost in the shuffle of hops and the four other malted grains Southern Tier uses in this fine seasonal addition to their 2X line.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Particularly tasty with light tangy cheeses, chicken, seafood and salads as well as desserts like pound cake with fruit.

AVAILABILITY: Autumn / 12oz (6pk and 24 bottle cases)

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