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Southern Tier Sonnet
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This series is all about experimenting with unusual brewing ingredients. Sonnet uses lemongrass and at 8.5% alc/vol. Southern Tier calls it a Super Saison.

With the addition of lemongrass, one expects a spicy, peppery and lemon aroma, with citrus and subtle hop character. Looking at the beer through a stemmed glass, you'll notice pale straw-gold color and a thick and rocky white head with persistent lacing. Of course, because the 750ml bottle is conditioned, some haziness is to be expected. When pouring the bottle, be aware that some sediment may be present. Pour carefully to avoid this, or don't. The choice is yours. As we did throughout this series, our in-house art director teamed up with Nate Duval for this label. They were aiming high for a majestic, a 'steampunk Cloud City,' hidden from view and reachable only by the most intrepid travelers. We think they nailed it.

Particularly tasty when paired with pasta served with garlic aioli, steamed mussels, and tangy cheeses such as Roquefort.

AVAILABILITY: Spring 2014 release / 750ml bottle (conditioned) / 1/6 keg


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