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10 Beer-Based Cocktails for Parties

10 Beer-Based Cocktails for Parties

If you decide to arrange a party, you should think about all the required components a gathering can’t do without. Alcoholic drinks are on the list, together with a great playlist. Firstly, you should come up with something that will neither cost you a fortune nor get your guests drunk at light speed.

Well, if you don't want to grab a beer, you can create still create beer-based cocktails. Besides, such cocktails are easy to drink, they have a balanced taste, and your guests will reach the required level of relaxation when they feel fun, but they are not completely wasted. In a word, they can become a perfect option if your plan contains the following steps: read papers owl reviews, free up your schedule, arrange a party and hang out with friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

1. Black Velvet

It is an iconic beer cocktail that was invented two centuries ago at the Brooks Club of London after the death of Prince Albert. It resembles the mourning bandages worn at funerals, so if you have a Halloween party, it can become a great choice. And while the original cocktail is made of champagne, there are options with apple or pear cider instead. Anyway, if you want to make an original cocktail, you should pour about 200 ml. champagne into a tall glass and then carefully pour about 200 ml. dark stout, using the spoon's back not to mix the drinks.

2. Watermelon Beer

Such a combination allows decreasing the strength of the beer, adding some sweetness. So, if you arrange your party in the summertime, you don't need to worry that your friends will get drunk too quickly. And since watermelon is the most iconic summer berry, it is worth giving it a try. Just pour about 350 ml. wheat beer and add about 250 g of the blended watermelon pulp and ice to your liking. However, if you are going to do some assignments or study edubirdie reviews, it is worth doing that before drinking this cocktail.

3. Aperol Mist

If you like the Aperol Syringe cocktail, the chances are high you may like its "lighter" version. It has an attractive Belgian fleur and can boast of some freshness. You should combine about 35 ml. Aperol and 35 ml. lemon juice and stir, then add ice pour about 335 ml. Belgian wheat beer. You can garnish it with a lemon slice or a strip of lemon zest.

4. Hangman's Blood

The statement, "Beer-based cocktails are lighter than usual ones," doesn't work here. It was created in the 1960s by Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange. The author claimed that this cocktail is a great thing when you need some inspiration. Well, if you are bold enough to try it, you should pour 40 ml. gin, 40 ml. rum, 40 ml. brandy, 40 ml. port wine, then add about 125 ml. champagne and 160 ml. stout. Such a cocktail is incompatible with doing serious things such as examining a review, so be careful.

5. Beer Margarita

As you might have guessed, an author was inspired by the classic Margarita. Instead of fresh limes, you will need lime lemonade, which makes the drink look like Margarita rather than beer. Combine 185 ml. tequila, 185 ml. lime lemonade, and 185 ml. light lager in a blender with plenty of ice until smooth, then pour into high-stemmed glasses, garnish with a wedge of lime if desired.

6. Vitamin C Brew

It is a truly light summer beer-based cocktail that can quench your thirst. And it tastes good due to the sweetness of orange juice. You should combine about 35 ml. gin and 65 ml. orange juice, then add ice and fill the glass to the top with 335 ml. light lager. You can garnish it with an orange slice if desired.

7. Snakebite

The British tradition of mixing beer and cider in one glass has a long history, but this beer cocktail gained popularity only in the 1980s. You can drink it in a second, but then your soul may require some adventures, so be careful. Pour about 280 ml. cider, add 280 ml. light beer, and a couple of drops of blackcurrant syrup for refinement.

8. Michelada

In Mexico, it is believed that the right Michelada can help one cope with a hangover. Run a wedge of lime around the edges of the pint, then dip them in salt. Combine 2-3 limes, 30 ml. tomato juice, and 20 ml. orange juice, add 1 tsp Worcester sauce and a hot Tabasco sauce to taste. Add ice, pour about 330 ml. light lager and stir everything.

9. The Red Eye

This beer cocktail first appeared in the movie Cocktail, where it was announced as a hangover cure. Whether you believe in this statement or prefer more proven remedies, it is one of those beer cocktails that you can enjoy without any consequences. First, pour 30 ml. vodka, add 180 ml. tomato juice, 330 ml. light lager, 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 raw egg, and a few drops of hot sauce if desired.

10. Lambic Sangria

Lambic is a beer produced in Belgium through a spontaneous fermentation process and often with the addition of various fruits. Here it replaces the wine that is the base of sangria. Combine 750 ml. fruit beer, 120 ml. brandy, 1 lemon juice, and 3 peach wedges, add ice and stir well.