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3 Must-Buy MIT45 Liquid Kratom Shots

Why Is MIT45 The Best Kratom Brand In The Market?

3 Must-Buy MIT45 Liquid Kratom Shots

Whenever a sector is booming, manufacturers riddle the market with its varieties which confuses the consumers. If it wasn't enough, the marketing teams often show the varieties in a manner that they seem like an alternative to each other. However, it is misleading, especially when it comes to organic products.

Manufacturers create different forms of a single product to cater to different issues. For example, Kratom extract in Kratom powder and the strongest kratom shots. But would that mean that you can opt for the powder if the liquid is out of stock? Absolutely not. Premium Liquid Kratom Shots are more potent than Kratom powder, so it will not be wise to experiment.

The efficiency of Kratom products also depends on their quality. Therefore, you should always purchase from the best brands like MIT45, which provide the best quality products at an affordable price.

Why Is MIT45 The Best Brand In The Market?

Though the brand MIT45 emerged a few years back, it has already made its Kratom products the best in the market.

It boasts of the high-quality products it offers and of the practices it follows. Their manufacturing and production practices are more stringent than the industry requirements. They are also proud to be a part of the American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practices Qualified Kratom vendor, which guarantees that their products are safe for consumption.


MIT45 aims to positively impact the Kratom industry by being the no. 1 source of Kratom products.

Why Should You Trust MIT45 Products?

As a customer, you may hesitate to rely on a brand that is still emerging. However, no one can guarantee that the brands existing for years have been providing you with good quality products. Also, their Liquid Kratom Shot has 100% organic Maeng da Kratom, making them the most potent in the market. So, if you do not try out the Kratom products from MIT45, you will miss an authentic organic product experience.

Hwever, apart from their 'best-in-the market' Kratom products, the company's values may also convince you to trust their brand. So, let's check out what separates MIT45 from other brands.

Third-Party Lab Tests

Third-party lab tests are a must when it comes to organic products. Manufacturers who want to maintain high standards get their products lab-tested. Similarly, each product from MIT45 is tested in a third-party lab.

Non-GMO & Vegan

MIT45 vows to provide its customers with authentic organic products; therefore, they produce all its products without genetically engineered ingredients. Instead, they include premium ingredients like water, mitragyna speciosa leaf extract, natural flavors, sugar, sodium benzoate, citric acid, sucralose, silicon dioxide, xanthan gum, sucralose, and potassium sorbate.

AKA GMP Certified

MIT45 complies with all the Goods Manufacturing Processes. They are an American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practices Qualified Kratom Vendor.

Free Shipping

MIT45 offers free shipping to customers who order over $100 products.

Satisfaction Guarantee

MIT45 understands that a customer builds a brand, so they guarantee 100% satisfaction to their customers. However, if the user is not fully satisfied after using products from MIT45, they can contact their customer service within 30 days to avail of a full refund, and no questions will be asked.

Customer Reviews

Customers of MIT45 have shared their positive experiences after using their products. They have also said that they have used the products for various purposes.

Different MIT45 Liquid Kratom extract

MIT45 offers only Kratom products and has three major categories: Kratom liquids, capsules, and raw leaves. Let's check out the products one by one:

MIT45 Liquids

The Kratom liquids from MIT45 contain pure organic ingredients and are available in five variants:

MIT45go Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot

The liquid Kratom extract is one of its kind and comes in a 0.5 oz on-the-go pouch and contains 150 milligrams of Mitragyna speciosa extract. It also contains honey, orange, and cinnamon.

MIT45 OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom Shot 15ml

It is one of the most talked about products from MIT45's product range. Several manufacturers have tried to replicate the product but have failed. Nevertheless, it set the GOLD STANDARD in 2018 and is the most potent product.

They use advanced extraction techniques to derive the most potent alkaloids present in the Kratom plant to pack them in each shot. These Kratom extract shots have 45% Mitragynine, the most potent substance that naturally occurs in Kratom leaves. They come in a 15ml bottle with 250mg of full spectrum extract.

It can be compared with the opms gold liquid Kratom, each shot equal to 14 grams of Kratom powder, equivalent to 225mg of active alkaloids.

MIT45 Super K Kratom Shot 30ml

MIT45 Super K Kratom Shot 30ml

It contains 600mg premium full spectrum extract in each 30ml bottle. The liquid Kratom extract is a balance between the original MIT45 Gold and Super K.

Super K Strong Kratom Shot 30ml

The Kratom extract shot is the most potent Kratom product available on the market. However, it is only suitable for experienced users. They contain 1300mg of premium full spectrum extract. It is a mix of alkaloids harvested directly from the Maeng da Kratom plant.

MIT45 Kratom Boost

MIT45 Kratom Boost

This Kratom shot is like Lightning in a bottle. The shot contains 200mg of full-spectrum Kratom extract and is perfect for that pre-workout boost. Its go-to bottle will help you save a lot of time and is a quick fix that people usually look for.

MIT45 Capsules

The Kratom capsules of the product come in only one variant in two different counts - 2 counts and six counts. They come in convenient packaging, and the 6-count pack provides better value for your price.

MIT45 Gold Pure Kratom Capsule Extract Powder Product

It sets the gold standard in capsules and provides better consistency than its competitors. It contains a full spectrum of Gold liquid Kratom extract, white pepper, turmeric, and ginger.

MIT45 The new Gold Standard

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MIT45 Raw Leaf

MIT45 sells raw Kratom leaf in powder form. The product is available in three variants: White Vein, Green Vein, and Red Vein. Let's check out the products now:

MIT45 Green Vein Kratom Powder

The Green Vein Kratom Powder is more suitable for intermediate Kratom users as they are less potent than Red Vein and more than White Vein. It is ideal for those who prefer White Vein but are looking for something more potent without increasing the dosage by a significant amount.

MIT45 Raw Leaf

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MIT45 RED VEIN Kratom Powder

The Red Vein Kratom powder from MIT45 is their best seller and the most potent product in their product range. It is best for advanced Kratom users, and its characteristics are more prominent than the other strains.

MIT45 White Vein Kratom Powder

The White Vein Kratom powder is ideal for beginners and contains alkaloids that help improve the quality of life.


MIT45 is based in the United States and does not ship internationally. They also do not ship to the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Vietnam.

MIT45 also does not ship its Kratom products to these countries: Sarasota County, San Diego, Columbus, Union County, Oceanside, and Ontario.


MIT45 products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Also, the US FDA has not approved Kratom as a dietary supplement.

The brand also mentions that all the information presented on the website is not a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is MIT45 Kratom Liquid Shot Approved By The FDA?

Though the MIT45 products are not evaluated by the food and drug administration, the company has a Certification of Analysis that shows that the products are safe for human consumption.

2. What Products Do MIT45 Dell?

MIT45 sells the best Kratom products in the market, including Kratom extracts, capsules, and raw powders.

3. Why Is The MIT45 Kratom Liquid Shot Special?

The Kratom shot contains alkaloids that make them unique and the best on the market.

4. Do MIT45 Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, MIT45 offers free shipping for orders over $100.