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3 Ways Your Microbrewery Can Give Back To The Community

Explore the myriad ways your microbrewery can become a beacon of community support beyond just crafting great beer. From organizing beer fundraiser events that unite patrons for a good cause to hosting impactful food drives aimed at aiding the less fortunate, discover how your small-scale business can make a significant difference.

3 Ways Your Microbrewery Can Give Back To The Community

A microbrewery is so much more than a place where people grab a glass or two of beer. It’s a place where people meet, drink, catch up on life and build stronger community bonds. 

The role of a microbrewery isn’t limited to crafting unique brews; it extends beyond that. Your small-scale business can give back to the community and make a significant impact on the neighborhood you call home. 

In this article, we’ll discuss several ways your microbrewery can give back to the community. 

Organize a Beer Fundraiser Event

Elevate the community involvement of your microbrewery by organizing a beer fundraiser event. Invite customers to support a good cause and savor a unique assortment of beers. Set aside a portion of the proceeds from the sale during the event to a charity or a non-profit organization. 

Consider offering brewery tours or food pairings to make your event a one-of-a-kind. This will attract attendees as well as boost participation. Partnering with community groups or local businesses to co-host the event can broaden its reach. Consider doing that. 

As far as the venue is concerned, choosing a restaurant for your beer fundraiser event will be the best bet. Restaurants have access to a larger customer base compared to microbreweries. You can tap into a diverse customer base by choosing a restaurant as your venue to host your fundraiser event. 

Select a restaurant located in a high-traffic area, as more people will be attracted to your event than if you host it in a restaurant in a secluded location. A restaurant fundraiser platform can help you search for restaurants where you can host your fundraising event. We say so because searching for a restaurant committed to executing fundraiser events is a task. Leveraging these platforms will cut the time in half.

Restaurant fundraiser platforms can help you connect with local restaurants that are equipped with the tools and resources needed to organize successful community fundraisers with professionalism and efficiency. 

DonationScout advises fundraisers to spread the word early and often through email, social media, and other channels. Consider advertising your fundraiser event at least two weeks before the scheduled date to maximize turnout. 

Host a Food Drive

A direct and impactful way to make a positive impact in the community is to organize a food drive. Reach out to a local food drive and ask them about the rules and regulations regarding the collection of canned foods. Collaborate with them and make logistics plans. 

Marketing your food drive is important. Put up flyers outside your brewery to inform people about your charity event dedicated to collecting food items for the needy. Or, get a menu printed that contains all the details of your food drive to tell your customers about it. Promoting your charity event through social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, will also be helpful. Thus, you should do that. 

Be sure to set up collection bins in your taproom and encourage your customers to donate canned or non-perishable food items in exchange for a free drink or discounts. Consider setting a goal and keep updating your progress to stir up motivation. 

Craft a Limited-Edition Brew

You can elevate your microbrewery’s philanthropic efforts by crafting limited-edition brews specifically to raise funds for charitable causes. Earmark a portion of the proceeds for charity. 

It’s up to you whether you want to designate a specific beer or a series of brews dedicated to a charity or a non-profit organization. Either way, limited-edition beers will generate excitement among patrons and attract attention to your microbrewery. 

Create eye-catching packaging or labels for these limited-edition brews. Make sure they highlight the charitable cause being supported. You can collaborate with local artists to design the labels. 

Try organizing special release events or tastings to launch them. This will not only maximize turnout, but also encourage patrons to participate in the fundraising efforts. 

Or, you can collaborate with a local restaurant to launch your limited-edition brew. Again, use a restaurant fundraiser platform to search for restaurants that share your commitment to the chosen charitable cause. 

Consider choosing a restaurant with a strong reputation in the community. They are likely to attract more people to your event than otherwise. However, make sure to choose a restaurant whose menu will appeal to your target audience. 

Select a date, outline the event program, and develop marketing materials to promote the launch of your limited-edition brews among your target audience. Offer exclusive perks and early bird discounts on tickets to generate momentum leading up to the event. 

To wrap things up, there are a lot of ways microbreweries can give back to the community. These are just a few of them. Other ways you can positively impact the community are to hold a holiday raffle, embrace environmental sustainability, and host educational events. Incorporating these practices in your microbrewery will not only help you make a meaningful impact, but also draw in more revenue.