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3rd Anniversary Ale

Roughtail Brewing Co.

IPAs are everywhere. As our Top 41 IPAs story posited, that can be both a great thing and a not-so-great thing.

However, hazy IPAs seem to be having even more of a moment. Originating in New England with breweries such as Trillium, Tree House and Lord Hobo leading the charge, creamy, nearly-opaque “hop juice” is more popular than ever, and with good reason.

Roughtail Brewing Co. in Oklahoma celebrated its 3rd anniversary over the weekend, and with it, they released a super-limited, super-fresh and super-dank Double IPA brewed with blood orange and grapefruit puree. It was also extremely hazy and totally opaque. And it rocked.

This was one of the better Double IPAs I’ve had, though I am partial to fruited varietals, I must admit. Some DIPAs are too bitter and harsh (though still awesome), and some are too underwhelming in the flavor department. Roughtail’s 3rd Anniversary Ale was neither of those. It was well-balanced between malt and hops and featured an explosion of tropical and juicy flavors. The orange and grapefruit flavors coupled with a silken mouthfeel and the beer’s hazy opacity made me feel like I was indeed drinking “hop juice,” and I couldn’t have been happier.

A highly recommended DIPA from an up-and-coming Midwest brewery.

– Chris Guest