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4 Reasons to Try CBD Beer

4 Reasons to Try CBD Beer

With every beer style under the sun finding new ways to innovate, the addition of CBD to beers was seemingly a foregone conclusion. While these beers might not sound like your mug of suds, read on to explore four reasons to try CBD Beer.

CBD beer is not just another gimmick. In fact, this is an idea that many brewers have been hoping to try for a while, as the combination opens up a variety of taste possibilities that can’t be achieved in any other way. If you are a beer lover who enjoys exploring new flavors, you really should give it a try.

Reason #1 - It won’t get you high.

One of the downsides of THC and some brands of hemp beer is that they contain enough THC to get you intoxicated. Or at least enough that you risk failing a drug test after having some. CBD beer, however, carries no such risk. CBD is not a psychotropic substance. Instead of getting you high like THC, CBD brings about a sense of calm and relaxation.

A lot of scrutiny is placed on the sale of CBD beverages at the federal and state levels. That puts pressure on breweries, but the upside is that you can usually trust the labels on those beers.

Reason #2 - It won’t get you drunk either.

A large majority of CBD Beers have no alcohol or an ABV of 0.5%. It’s easier to get CBD beers approved for sale if they have little to no alcohol. On top of that, many companies are aiming for a target market of people who can’t – or don’t want to – drink alcohol. For recovering alcoholics and people with alcohol allergies, CBD beer provides a safe way to enjoy a social occasion without being the odd one out. The interesting taste also makes CBD beers attractive for people who might not otherwise enjoy drinking.

Reason #3 - The flavor is unique.

If you know anything about brewing beer, then you know how important hops are. Hops not only change the flavor of the beer, but the flowers also act as a stabilizing agent. Why is that relevant here? Well, it turns out that hops do have a plant that is a close cousin to them in nature: hemp. The two are part of the cannabaceae plant family, and they are the two most closely related plants in that family. As a result, they both produce similar terpenes and aromatic compounds on top of serving similar functions when added to beers.

The result of that proximity is that adding hemp to the brewing process opens a multitude of interesting possibilities. This proximity is the reason why lots of beer makers had been dreaming up ideas of how to mix CBD with beer for years, long before adding CBD to everything became a trend. The mixture produces unique flavors, and as more and more makers bring their own recipes into the fold, there are many CBD beer flavors to experiment with.

Reason #4 – It’s actually healthy.

CBD is a healthy substance. It lowers stress, anxiety, reduces pain, treats inflammation and has plenty of antioxidants. Beer also has health benefits, including strengthening your heart, your bones and reducing levels of bad cholesterol. As a result, combining both substances make for a fairly healthy beverage. If you are unfamiliar with CBD, it might be wise to try a Cibdol product first, before you try CBD as part of a beer. 

Thanks for reading! We hope this piece helped to convince you to give CBD Beer a try.