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5 Beer-Themed Games to Enjoy

5 Beer-Themed Games to Enjoy

Why themed games are so popular

While a game without a theme can still be fun, adding a specific subject or genre to it can transform the game. Adding a theme can create a whole new story to the game that generates a fun element beyond the basic game mechanics.

A good thing, too, is that the theme isn’t always fixed and is interchangeable. Themes are a great way for game developers to tailor their game to different audiences.

What you often find is that gamers who are fans of a specific game tend to buy multiple versions of that game each with a different theme. This offers them a different setting each time they play.

Looking at one of the most popular board games, Monopoly, this is the perfect example of a game with the same rules, just different themes each time. You can play versions of Monopoly America edition, Avengers edition, Casinopoly – and Brew-Opoly, which leads us on to the topic for this article.

Top 5 beer-themed games

Bier Haus

For beer connoisseurs, there can be only one theme …beer. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun games with beer themes.

The first one that we love is different from the rest, as it is one that you can make some money from. Bier Haus is an online slot machine whose theme takes inspiration from the beer-loving nation of Germany.

Germany, particularly the region of Bavaria, is known around the world for its traditional beer festivals that draw in people from across the globe each year. Bier Haus’ theme is just about as Bavarian and beer-themed that a slot machine can get!

With the added music in the background and the visuals of this slot game, it is definitely a top slot machine for those who love to play casino games and love beer. Along with free spins and a mobile version, it even has a Bier Haus slot demo on for those who want to try it out before betting real money.

Brew Ha Ha!

This is a game perfect for the beer connoisseur. It’s a straightforward game in the rule book that provides players with plenty of beer-tasting opportunities.

Each player has 8 cards, tastes a beer, and then has to pick one of their cards that best describe the taste of the beer. The brewmaster for that round then selects the best description with the winner awarded points.

It’s the perfect excuse to buy a batch of unique beers and invite your friends around to play.


Now, here’s a game for a beer expert or even just a casual beer lover. If you think you can identify a beer without problems and have a sixth sense when it comes to identifying the characteristics of a good brew, this one’s for you.

Unlabeled requires each player to bring unlabeled beers to the table for all the players to sample. Each player then has to try and accurately select the characteristics of the beer and if they’re feeling confident, guess the beer name and brewery to win maximum points.

Ring of Fire

Probably one of the most popular drinking games, especially among students, is Ring of Fire. This is a great game to add a little extra fun to a party or pre-drinks.

The game consists of an empty glass in the centre surrounded by downward-facing cards. Each player will select a card from the circle, with each card representing a certain rule or mini-game.

In different places, you might see a different set of rules for each card but they are not set in stone, and players can customize them if they wish to accommodate fewer players.

Some examples of the rules are Queen ‘Question Master’ meaning that if the person subtly asks you a question and if you answer, you have to take a drink. Another is Ace ‘Waterfall’ which means that everyone has to drink starting with the person who drew the card and you can only stop drinking until the person next to you stops.

To finish the game, it can be done in two ways, either if the ring (cards surrounding the glass) is broken or if the final king card has been drawn. Each king card before the final means the players have to add a part of their drink to the glass in the middle and the person who draws the final king has to drink it.

Drinking Football

Beer and drinking don’t always have to be a theme for board games or party games, it can be applied to many things including sport.

Football is the perfect example and is a great way to brighten up a dull game. When watching a game, those watching will make bets on what will happen in the game.

Instead of betting money, they’re betting ‘fingers’ in relation to the quantity of beer. For example, someone may bet the amount of beer equivalent to 2 fingers on something like the next player to be called for a penalty will have an even shirt number.

This is why we love beer themes!

Beer has many cool things about it, from satisfying the taste buds to creating a social atmosphere at a party or get-together. It’s no surprise then that beer often makes for a highly popular game theme.

From casino games and board games to pre-drink games and sports matches, beer themes are everywhere. With so many choices, these are some of the top beer games that all beer connoisseurs, casual beer lovers, and party people will love.