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5 Tips to Elevate an Outdoor Dining Experience

5 Tips to Elevate an Outdoor Dining Experience

The trend of outdoor dining stretches across many countries worldwide, so restaurant owners seek ways to differentiate their dining experiences to remain competitive. However, what if your restaurant is situated in a colder climate? In that case, it’s best to offer a patio for outdoor dining so people can be attracted to spend time outside when the sun is finally out. Dining outdoors on a beautiful summer day or in long warm nights is a relaxing or carefree experience. Many establishments can increase profits by providing an al fresco dining experience for guests.

Outside seating areas such as patios tend to be popular among customers and business owners alike. Regardless of the reason, customers are likely to visit restaurants with outdoor seating. They might choose to do so for the ambiance they will be immersed in, or they’re there for the food and offerings. Dining outside also allows restaurants to provide an enjoyable dining experience to their diners and seat more guests. You’ll want to make the most of the patio space available to you, so you’ll want to save money with outdoor seating.

Here are some valuable tips in elevating the outdoor dining experience in your restaurant:

1. Select the Best Outdoor Seating

To create an outdoor dining area that’s both appealing and durable, you should choose furniture that can withstand external elements while eliminating customer discomfort. A wooden picnic table or outdoor bar stools are things of the past. Find covered outdoor seating for your restaurant, brewery, or winery that will enhance its curb appeal. Your patio needs to be picture-worthy if you want to attract customers. Outdoor metal chairs will become more functional with the addition of attractive seat cushions. Your patio will look more appealing if you have comfortable seating, and you'll attract more guests outside to eat so your dining room can be freed up for those who prefer indoor dining.

2. Choose the Perfect Outdoor Space

Whether you’re deciding to put your outdoor dining space in the patio or garden, you want it to be attractive from every vantage point, with a good atmosphere and stunning views. You also must ensure that your customers feel comfortable. Ensure that your customers have enough protection against the sun during the scorching summer days. Use umbrellas for your restaurant or pub. The darker the umbrella, the better. White umbrellas aren't always cooler than their black and blue counterparts, as the shades don't permanently block as much sunlight. Fans and misters are also good on sweltering days. This is quite a good investment since they’re reliably functional for a long time. Consider heating your restaurant with heaters and fires during the cold months to ensure that customers stay warm while enjoying their meals.

3. Install Adequate Lighting

Consider being able to serve customers outdoors all day long when setting up your outdoor vibe. When you switch from day to night, having the proper lighting is crucial. Candle centerpieces enhance the ambiance of the table. Once the sun goes down, you can brighten any outdoor space with pendant lights, string lights or outdoor lighting fixtures that will suit your theme. 

The pergola or gazebo can also be illuminated with a string of lights. You can also use decorative lanterns. With any of these options, dark space is brightened, and a cozy and intimate dining experience can be achieved.

4. Play Outdoor Music

You may agree on this next tip if you’ve experienced it yourself. As some people agree upon, where there’s beer, there’s music. Therefore, the atmosphere of a restaurant is highly influenced by music. If your restaurant is in a city, customers can be distracted from car horns and other distracting noises. Speaker systems should be placed outside where all customers can hear the music. Additionally, you may consider adding live music to your menu on slower nights to attract passersby and increase revenue. Nevertheless, this night event usually needs permission from your local government, so ensure to follow through with their requirements and procedures.

5. Utilize Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards have become increasingly popular in restaurants as they realize how effective these promotions are. A digital beer menu app, for example, allows you to add animated food images and videos that make your diners crave your food because of how visually appealing the photos are. You need to feed your customers' appetites with these captivating photos first. People are influenced by the pictures of delicious-looking food on Instagram, and many account owners who are foodies love to take pictures and check out photos from different restaurants.

You can maximize your digital menu boards’ effect by placing them at your entrance. For instance, this digital menu will keep the line moving if there's a line since diners can figure out what to order while they're in the queue. However, if your restaurant doesn’t utilize the "wait in line" system of ordering, this digital menu board is still a great option beyond using conventional menus. It’s something new and visually attractive for them to check out.


There you have it; these are some of the most helpful ways to elevate your outdoor dining experience and attract more customers to your restaurant or bar. With the perfect furniture, space, amenities, lighting and music, your regular and new guests would find it hard to avoid coming to enjoy a delicious dinner at your place.