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6 Reasons to Try Craft Beer in Ljubljana, Slovenia

6 Reasons to Try Craft Beer in Ljubljana, Slovenia

A wonderful perk of traveling is that you get to sample exotic cuisine. If you find yourself in Slovenia along the banks of the Ljubljanica River, make time to sample the craft beer in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Slovenia has a rich culture when it comes to brewing beers, and an enthusiastic pub scene that will excite any traveler. Microbreweries are particularly excellent because they offer a wide range of flavors and concoctions that will excite any beer enthusiast. Slovenian craft beers are world-renowned because they are brewed using traditional processes. Beer is more than just alcohol in Slovenia; it is an art form and, as a traveler, you will get to be inspired by their culture and enthusiasm in coming up with some extraordinary beer. Prepare to party and taste out-of-this-world beer only in Slovenia!

The following are just some great reasons to try craft beer in Ljubljana, Slovenia when traveling.

1. The Revolutionary Brewery That Started It All

Craft beer is a distinctive offering of Ljubljana, and if you want to know where it all started just go to the Human Fish brewery. Bear in mind that this brewery is far from the Ljubljana craft beer map and is 20 km away. If you do intend to go to Human Fish brewery, it will be well worth it because they have a cozy taproom. If you want to stay in Ljubljana and don't want to bother with the longer trip to the outskirts of the city, you can still have a taste of the Human Fish brewery that started it all. There are many pubs that carry Human Fish craft beer within the city limits. If you find this somewhat odd-sounding name perplexing, the Human Fish brewery is actually the namesake of an amphibian that was the inspiration behind it.

2. Have Great Food with Your Craft Beer

Craft beer simply tastes great. If you are a sincere enthusiast of craft beer, you will be dazzled by the number of craft beers you will see in Ljubljana. Lajbah, in particular, is a brewery with a great ambiance that has amazing amounts of beers for your tasting pleasure. However, no beer drinking session is ever complete without food. Lajbah has a wonderful selection of meals that will be a great accompaniment to craft beer. They have vegetable tempura, chicken wings and fish and chips to satisfy both carnivorous and vegetarian palates.

3. Get in Touch with History While Drinking Your Favorite Craft Beer

If you want to experience some history as you chug down your craft beer, go to Union Pub. There you will find out the great story behind traditional Ljubljana beers. The place also has a great ambiance, which will make you appreciate your craft beer even more. There are ten different draft beers being produced in Union Pub, and they are very selective. The draft beers are accompanied by Union’s exclusive selection prepared by special staff. If you want to have a taste of traditional Slovene food, Union Pub has it. Get a taste of Slovene culture as you chow down on Carniolan sausage, Prekmurje ham and selected Slovene cheeses.

4. Great Pubs for Meeting People

One of the perks of traveling is meeting other people. Ljubljana 's Sir William’s pub is a great place for socialization and for trying the best craft beers in the area. If you want to have a basic introduction to craft beers in Ljubljana, Sir William’s pub is the place to go. The place is run by real connoisseurs who understand craft beer. You will also be enlightened by the other tourists and youngsters who frequent the place. Sir William’s pub is a place where you can party and connect with other travelers who appreciate a good mug of craft beer.

5. Get Cozy with Locals

Interacting with locals is another delightful aspect of traveling. Antico is a place where Slovene people hang out to drink. The atmosphere is homey and not at all intimidating. You can be assured of a friendly conversation with locals as you enjoy your craft beer. The ambiance of the place can be described as laid-back and cozy. You can also sample Slovene food in Antico as a perfect complement to your drink.

6. Classic Pub Experience

If you want a classic pub experience, go to Patrick’s Irish Pub. The pub is located in a cellar, so it is the perfect place to catch some alone time and a drink all by yourself. It can also be a good place to meet other people as long as you're open to some socialization. However, what you should really be open to is the extensive craft beer menu in their stores. Classic pub food is also served here, so rather than going hungry you can achieve the ultimate gastronomic satisfaction.

Final Thoughts:

When something is turned into an art, people travel far and wide to experience it. In this case, craft beers are an art form in Ljubljana and many people have traveled extensively to get a taste of it. The sensory pleasure of craft beer is something Ljubljana has mastered. The unique culture and ambiance of the place are great additions to their main tourist attraction of craft beer.


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We absolutely loved it in Ljubljana & part of that was the craft beer! It is one of our things! (& the awesome ice cream also meant that the whole experience was just a winner!) - there are a lot of places on the planet so our general rule is not to go back....this is one place I think we would both be happy to return to & am sure we will one day!

We have a little travel blog & these are the 2 posts we published about our visits - please let us know if you read them if you enjoyed them!

Cheers! - Nigel - TWW


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I forgot, I did a little Google Map of our 'Beer Journey'....