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7 American Beers That Are Super Popular in the UK

7 American Beers That Are Super Popular in the UK

When it comes to beer, the United States and the U.K. have a lot in common. The two countries have a long history of shared brewing techniques and trading that stretches back centuries.

It’s no surprise then, that U.S.-influenced ales recently won two awards at the prestigious British Bottlers’ Institute (BBI) awards. Bear Island’s East Coast Pale Ale and Triple Hopped Lager both won gold medals, two beers that take inspiration from the USA.

But it’s not just these that have grabbed the attention of the British public. Here are seven other American beers that are a hit in the UK.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, 5.6%

The craft beer revolution that has been such a hit with the trendy crowd in recent years comes from beers like Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale. The classic brew was first produced back in 1980 and its deliciously bitter taste caught the eye of British brewers.

Distributed globally, the ale still belongs to an independently owned US company, having resisted the urge to sell up to a corporation. This has helped the Californian brewer to focus on the taste experience, once that even includes a hint of caramel. It also explains why Food and Wine, the popular culinary magazine, voted it the most important US craft beer ever in 2018.

Firestone Walker Easy Jack IPA, 4.5%

Referred to as ‘liquid gold’ by the UK Independent newspaper, this Californian light ale has a fruity flavor and a long-lasting aftertaste that makes it perfect for summer nights.

It’s a nice price for an American IPA, too, coming in at £2.50, or around $3.50, meaning that for roughly the price of a state lottery ticket, you can find out why so many Brits are raving about it. Firestone Walker was also co-founded by a British national, which helps.

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, 14.6%

The British don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so when Christmas rolls around, they’re ready to crack open some solid winter ales.

The Bourbon County stout by Goose Island is at the top of many beer drinkers’ gift lists, with its heavy barrel-aged flavor perfect for a cold winter night. It also mixes in many classic Christmas tastes, such as fudge, caramel and coffee, which makes it the perfect follow-up to a turkey dinner.

Watch out for the knock-out blow on this one, though. Its 14.6% strength and intense aroma means things could get heady very quickly.

Goose Island IPA, 5.9%

Brits who are not into stout find that Goose Island also has a wonderful IPA, which is why a second ale of theirs has made it onto this list. Drinkers love its fruity hops and its crisp, dry aftertaste and it’s no wonder: Goose Island say they’ve taken a traditional English style and created a fuller flavor.

The IPA is also a hit in the US, having won six awards at the Great American Beer Festival. What truly matters, though, is that drinkers either side of the Atlantic love it.

Bell's Expedition Stout, 10.5%

We’re back to the stouts again, but it’s hard to ignore just how successful Bell’s contribution has been. Like with the Goose Island stout, its stunning mix of flavors, including chocolate and coffee, is something best enjoyed next to a fireplace with your family and friends.

The only drawback that with such a thick, creamy taste, it may be hard to finish it in one sitting. But the ale keeps for a day or two once opened, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

 Crooked Stave Colorado Wild Sage, 7.2%

Crooked Stave may sound like a Desperate Dan character, but there’s nothing desperate about this company and their superb selection of ales.

The Colorado Wild Sage first grabs you as you open it, with a sharp lemony scent. The taste is better, though, as the lemon glass flavor leaves a beautiful sharp aftertaste.

It’s a new beer experience for anyone who hasn’t tried it, but it’s also strangely familiar. British consumers can’t get enough.

Cigar City Jai Alai, 7.5%

Jai Alai is a true mix of world cultures. While the name itself comes from a ball game played in Spain’s Basque Country, the flavor comes from an Indian style that British troops in India discovered during the 18th century.

Floridan brewer Cigar City took on the challenge of creating a modern IPA and they passed with flying colors, infusing six different hop strains and adding a magical fruity flavor. Its appearance is a pleasing tangerine, too, if you like to gaze at your beer while drinking it.