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Alaskan Pumpkin Ale

Alaskan Brewing Pumpkin Ale

It’s always nice when a fresh beer lands on your desk in the afternoon. Or in the morning… or anytime really…

Anyways, Alaskan Brewing’s Pumpkin Ale comes just in time for my request earlier in the day: “Man, I’m really craving a pumpkin beer.” After a bottle of this, I can safely say that craving is satiated!

Pouring that crystal clear orange-amber that pumpkin beers display so effortlessly, Alaskan Pumpkin Ale went down smoothly and easily with heavy maltiness, minimal hop flavors and just the lightest hint of spices.

Fall is just around the corner, and pumpkin beers are already in full swing. Alaskan’s rendition is an excellent example of the style.