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Are Silicone Dab Containers Worth the Hype?

Are Silicone Dab Containers Worth the Hype?

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Wax concentrate enthusiasts handle their herbs a lot differently than users of legal dry herbs would, and that calls for essential tools and setups that are not typically required when using a bong or other type of dry herb smoking accessory. With dab rigs, the wax used can become extremely sticky and less than ideal to handle without some type of help along the way. Luckily, there are specially made dab tools that make the dabbing experience go a lot more smoothly than without. Accessories like silicone dab containers can be crucial in the success of a dab session. Why? Read more to find out why you should grab a few silicone dab containers ASAP!

What are silicone dab containers used for?

While the name explains itself, the reason that silicone dab containers are essential is because of the way it preserves the quality of wax concentrates. A silicone dab container is used to store wax while not in use, since wax concentrate is extremely sticky and will make a mess without a container to hold it in. Silicone is the best type of dab container because of its non-stick features making it super easy to take in and take out any amount of wax a user needs.

Short term vs long term storage dab containers

Most dab users will not purchase dabs to last them long periods of time, mostly because if you are a dab user it is probably a daily occurrence and a dab user’s stash will run out a lot quicker with everyday consumption. When handling wax concentrate for the short term versus the long term, there can be different ways to store an herb stash. If storing wax for the short term, using parchment paper is fine since it is a short period of time. However, all dab users should be aware that wax concentrate can lose its potency pretty quickly so to be on the safe side, properly storing wax in a container (preferably silicone) is the best way to ensure the highest quality dab hits.

Dabbing out of a silicone container

One of the biggest reasons to buy a silicone dab container is how convenient it is to have around! Like did you know that you can dab directly out of a silicone dab container? Thanks to its non-stick and heat resistant silicone material, whenever you are running low on concentrates there is no need to transfer and waste even a drop - grab a nectar collector and get to work! Dabbing out of a silicone container can happen with a full stock of wax concentrate, to each their own and whatever gets you lifted!

Travel-friendly dab accessories

If one of your bucket list items is to go on that road trip you’ve been wanting to take, silicone dab containers are absolute must-have essentials when hitting the pavement. Neatly pack different strains of your favorite wax concentrates in its own silicone dab container and have an instant setup on the fly whenever you need to chase another high. When you are traveling and in new surroundings it can become quite overwhelming and fast, but knowing you have a quick and easy dab setup at your convenience is a great way to dive right into the vibes.

Easy to clean silicone dab container

There are really no qualms when it comes to owning silicone dab containers because they really do make your dab life as easy as possible. No sticky fingers, stained surfaces or stale concentrates when these handy silicone dab containers are around - and who wants to make their life more difficult than it needs to be? Do yourself a favor and get a few silicone dab containers for you and some friends because once you start using them it is impossible to stop. While sharing is caring, having enough silicone dab containers to go around is a symbol of love in a stoner friend group. If you’re not looking out for your stoner friends with the latest dab accessories, you better step your game up! An easy and affordable way to make someone smile, silicone dab containers will upgrade your 710 life and have you wondering how you ever took a dab without it.