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Bayou Teche – LA 31 Boucanée

Have you ever bought a six-pack, taking a chance on something you haven’t had before, thinking that it’s probably good? Then a short time later it’s all gone. And nobody else even got a sip?

A smoked beer lover, that was my experience with Boo-can-ay, the first version I recall drinking made with wheat. The smoke from cherry wood traditionally is used for meats down in Acadiana. Typical for Cajun brews from Bayou Teche, this one pairs well with boudin but I found it went down swell with everything from pizza to a cheese sandwich or olives -- and straight from the bottle. I'm looking forward to trying it as a reduction sauce for sausages.

The high carbonation keeps the smoke light on the palate. The malts are Pilsner, Wheat and Vienna. In the glass, the color gives you a hint of the cherry wood, as does the flavor. Wish all my six-pack explorations went like this one. 

-- Jonathan Ingram