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Beer and Bong Pairings

Beer and Bong Pairings

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There is no finer line to straddle than the classic cross fade, the act of using multiple substances but mostly referring to alcohol and legal herbs. Some booze and a bong can deliver an intense party experience when combining your seasonal cocktail of choice and smoking your favorite strain of herbs. The hardest part with combining booze and buds is knowing when to stop, so as long as you know your limits and don’t overdo it, the cross-fade will have you feeling mighty fine in no time! While there are classic beer and bong combinations that will remind you of a college vibe setting, there is so much more to drinking and toking once you know what to properly pair each with. Here are the best booze and bong pairings that you can enjoy in the hottest months of summer to the coldest parts of winter. Be sure to grab a bong if you need a new setup without overspending your budget!

Beer and bongs recommendations

Whether you are in the thick of summer or roughing it out post-holiday season, who doesn’t love a good beer to drink between bong rips? Depending on what strain is in the mix, there are some strains that pair better with beer. The flavor of citrus strains usually hit better with a lighter-bodied beer or ale. Fruitier strains would mostly go well with a stout that is full of chocolatey, malt-like flavors. Any OG Kush strain is best for medium-bodied beers, and can be found easily at any dispensary.

Light beer and straight tube bongs

If you are looking for a nice time without wanting to go overboard, a nice and refreshing light beer would pair perfectly with a straight tube bong and is the perfect combination for summer shenanigans. Day drinking and cross fading can be a tricky balance to achieve, but keeping things casual with a light beer or seltzer can be the difference between you partying all day long or tapping out by noon.

Ale and beaker bongs

You can’t spell beaker without beer, so it is only fitting that beaker bongs are the best choice when it comes to pairing THC and a nice ale. Beaker bongs can range from mini bongs to big bongs and prove to be the most sturdy out of all bong types. The body of a bong has a sturdy base and while basic in nature, a beaker bong hits pretty hard no matter the size which is always a winning situation to be in. Pairing a nice ale (pale ale or brown ale) is the moment you realize you transitioned from a teen stoner to a full adult stoner and you should be proud about that.

Stouts and heady glass bongs

Stouts and spliffs seem more of a vibe, but when THC is more your jam than tobacco, stouts are a nice way to flex your new heady glass bong. Heady glass refers to aesthetically pleasing pieces that are more for visual stimulation than functionality, although many can hit very hard beyond its beautiful physical front. A dark and chocolatey stout would pair nicely with heady glass as this is more of a sip and smoke type of booze to begin with. Stouts and heady glass bongs would fit better with a sophisticated and upscale crowd, as heady glass bongs can be pretty pricey and not considered an everyday buy that beer would be.

Buy bongs online

No matter what the season or what bong you have at the moment, there is always a day of the week that calls for a nice drink and a couple of bong rips to unwind. From beaker bongs, to percolator bongs, to even mini bongs and bubblers, there are so many options at the tip of your fingers. Buying bongs online just means you have more gas in your tank to run to the store for your beer of choice. Regardless if you prefer to strictly drink pale ales or only like to drink seltzers, it is highly encouraged you try different pairings to see what you could be potentially missing out on. No need to go crazy and get a bunch of beer you might not drink ever again, but trying a new pint here and there never hurts! Cheers to you in finding the ultimate beer and bong pairing for the perfect cross fade.