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Beer and Medical Marijuana: How the Two Can Mix

Beer and Medical Marijuana: How the Two Can Mix

Medical marijuana is an excellent way for patients with certain conditions to alleviate their symptoms. But suppose you enjoy a beer every now and again. In that case, you might wonder if you can combine it with your medical marijuana. To understand the answer to that, you’ll first need to know how it works.

What is Medical Marijuana?

Using medical marijuana involves taking the plant and using its chemicals to try to reduce the symptoms of certain conditions, such as nausea caused by chemotherapy. It is the same as the recreational herb, but it is designed for medical use. The plant has over 100 chemicals known as cannabinoids and each affects the body differently. The most common two are CBD and THC. THC causes you to feel high when you use a significant amount of it.

Many states, including Ohio, have legalized it for medicinal use. To obtain it, you’ll need to get a recommendation from a licensed doctor in a state where it is legal. You will have to provide your ID, and then the doctor will determine if you have a qualifying condition. The good news is that it’s easy to get a weed card in Ohio since you can do it online and you’ll only pay if you’re approved. Afterward, you’ll receive a medical marijuana ID card, which will let you purchase at a medical dispensary in your area. But if you want to enjoy a can of beer while using cannabis, you’ll want to know how the two interact. It’s necessary to take some precautions when doing so.

What are the Short-Term Effects?

Combining cannabis and beer might lead to you feeling intoxicated. However, if you’re having a light beer and not too much of each, you’re less likely to experience issues. Many patients enjoy the light buzz from the two. Just make sure you do not have too much because that’s where the risks come in.

Taking both substances together often provide an enhanced effect. The THC and the alcohol content are both psychoactive so they can impact your judgment and thinking skills. You’ll likely notice more potent effects than if you had just alcohol or marijuana by themselves. You might not anticipate the feelings based on what you’re having. For some people, using too much is uncomfortable and causes them to feel out of it.

What Happens in the Long-Term?

Some people believe that combining the two could put you at a higher risk of overconsuming alcohol. That could result in addiction if you have too much. But more studies are necessary before drawing any definitive conclusions. Just remember that combining the two could lead to you feeling intoxicated sooner than otherwise. And if you have a chronic condition, that’s likely the last thing you want. Just be careful if you decide to have some beer while using your medical marijuana. Have a bit less of each than you would otherwise and enjoy the effects of both. And remember, you can always choose to enjoy the two separately.