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Beer & Bets: A Match Made In Heaven

Beer & Bets: A Match Made In Heaven

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Peanut butter and jelly. Bonnie and Clyde. Cold beer and sports betting. Are there better duos than that? Probably not.

Let’s focus on the latter for a moment. Anytime you pour a fizzy brew — whether at home or out and about — there’s a good chance a giant television screen is nearby, and it’s probably playing the “big game” on any given day, whether that be basketball, football, boxing or any other sport.

Nowadays, no matter where you are watching sports, you can get some “action” on it through online sports betting websites.

Like every other industry, the internet has completely upended the entire sports gambling industry. Gone are the days of entering a physical casino, walking into the sportsbook, and placing a bet in person with a bookie. New are the days of using an online betting site and dropping wagers anytime, anywhere — all from the convenience of a computer or mobile device like a tablet or phone.

Plus, having a little action on the game makes the sports watching experience all the better — just like a tasty alcoholic beverage does. But if you think having a light buzz brings out your emotions, just wait ‘til your hard money is riding on the next play. You’ll never cheer or boo harder, believe us. 

Speaking of money, wouldn’t it be great to earn extra funds on the side? Just think how much more booze you could guzzle down with a few more dollars. Well, that’s completely possible if you can leverage your sports knowledge to win some bets here and there.

Alright, so you want in on the betting and drinking fun, right? Of course you do! Let us show you how to do so.

First things first, you’ll need to register for an online sportsbook. The good news: there’s hundreds of those. The bad news? Well, there’s hundreds of those.

While there’s no shortage of online betting options, a few bookmakers do stand out for all the good reasons. In particular, these three sportsbooks come to mind:

  • Bovada: Perhaps the most widely used online bookie in all of the land is Bovada. Where Bovada shines is in its user-friendly experience. It just flat out works the way it’s supposed to. Finding and placing a wager on its site is intuitive, whether you’re on desktop or mobile.
  • BetOnline: There’s a lot to like about BetOnline, such as its huge selection of sports betting being chief among them. That wagering menu knows no bounds, stretching across sports, countries and leagues. If there’s a pro sports event someplace or somewhere, there’s a good chance you can gamble on it at BetOnline. Seriously. 
  • MyBookie: Few sportsbooks outdo MyBookie’s live betting system, which allows you to gamble on sports as they’re ongoing (with betting lines shifting as the score changes). At MyBookie, the live betting menu is extensive. Better yet, the lines refresh in real time so you’re getting up-to-the-minute odds at all times.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the three above online bookies. Each are industry leaders used by thousands of bettors around the world — and that wouldn’t be the case if they weren’t up to snuff. 

But wait, we know what you’re probably thinking, “is sports gambling online even legal?” Well, yes and no. For one, it’s quickly becoming legalized throughout the United States and many more states have it on the voting ballot.

However, in the case of the aforementioned bookmakers, US-based legalization is less of a factor. That’s because the betting sites are located offshore (mostly Costa Rica, for example), far away from the United States and all of its legal red tape. Therefore, few restrictions apply on the Internet-based sites outside the minimum betting age requirement of 18 years.

No, that’s not a typo, either. You can gamble on sports three years earlier than you can have a legal sip of beer in the United States and other countries with a 21-and-up drinking limit.

So next time you’re downing an ice-cold beer with the game on, think about placing a bet on it. Don’t believe us when we say betting and booze go together? Give it a try and you’ll see first-hand what an iconic match the two are.