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Benefits of Purchasing Vape Juices Online

Benefits of Purchasing Vape Juices Online

The popularity of vaping is continuously rising. According to the World Health Organization, there is a steady increase in people who smoke globally. However, it is not the same with vaping. The number of vapers in 2011 was approx. seven million, which reached 41 Million in 2018.

The success of e-platforms further boosted the market. More and more sellers begin selling their vaping products with various vape juice flavors online. The pandemic also fueled the system as people were not going out and wanted everything at their door. If you carefully purchase things, you can get various benefits through the online purchase of vape juices. This article will let you know some of them.

Benefits of Purchasing Vape Products Online

Here is a list of benefits online mode offers to vape enthusiasts.

  • Online Stores Offer Comparatively Lower Prices

Have you ever noticed that the dresses you get in stores or food you get in restaurants are comparatively more expensive than their online cost? Similarly, purchasing vape juice flavors, pods, liquids, coils, and pods online cost you almost half of what you pay in stores.

There is a reason behind it. The online seller does not have to pay for some of the charges that offline ones pay, such as electricity charges, water bills, construction costs, and sometimes rent of the land. Thus, the online vendors can pass the dollars they save on these things to keep the prices low.

  • Online Mode is Discreet

Numerous people love vaping. However, some people still have not-so-good opinions about vapers. Thus, you might want to keep your identity private.

If you go to a store near your locality, there is no way that you do not get spotted by people, you know. You might not feel good about it. However, online orders keep your identity safe. You can order it through some clicks on your phone and all the devices, tanks, pods, and coils will come to your doorstep without anyone knowing about it.

As you know, that one factor to choose to vape over smoking is because it does not leave any smells or traces. So, online mode adds to the privacy that vaping offers.

  • It Offers Convenience

What if you want to vape, but the nearest store from your house is 20Km away? What if you live close to a dispensary but do not have time to go out and purchase vapes after every 10-15 days? Not everyone lives near a local store or has enough time to go out to buy vapes.

However, online stores solve both issues in one go. Instead of driving for 20 miles, all you need is to walk to your room, pick up your phone, and place the order. Even within a busy schedule, you can place your orders in breaks without any stress. Online ordering also removes the barrier of time, location, and weather. You can order vapes day or night, on a weekday or weekends, on a rainy or sunny day.

  • It Gives You Lots of Useful Information

As you know, most people prefer offline stores to get guidance from people in the store. But you cannot expect the person in the store to have all the knowledge and information about vaping. However, if you choose an online medium, you can get tons of knowledge.

Most online mediums also offer a separate section for blogs on their official sites. These blogs include information that a consumer should know before making a purchase. You can read them and get the required information.

  • It Gives a Wider Option

In an offline store, the amount of products is not vast. They often keep a limited production of some particular companies. However, the online mode gives you options between a wide range of brands, flavors, devices, and qualities.

You can explore as much as possible. Look for reviews and ratings from consumers who have used that product, then decide whether you should make a purchase or not. Also, if you are out of budget but want a product, you can keep it on your wishlist then purchase it further.

  • You Get Discounts, Rewards, and Coupons

Many online platforms offer rewards, coupons, and discounts to their regular customers. Also, you might get a coupon for your first purchase. There are seasonal discounts provided sometimes.

So, these are some of the benefits online mode offers over offline stores. However, you must choose a site carefully. Here are few things that you might want to check before purchasing vape products from it:

  • Find out the source of their product.
  • Check the quality of the products they offer.
  • Look for the reviews of that site by consumers who have used the site earlier.
  • Make sure they have a return policy or exchange policy.
  • Make sure they offer customer care 24/7.
  • Make sure that they provide third-party testing.
  • Look for coupons and discounts offered by them.

These tips will help you to recognize a trustable site. So your vaping experience can go smoothly.

Which Mode Do Most People Prefer?

According to the report published by Ernst and Young in 2016, most vapers prefer purchasing vape juices and devices from stores. In the first half of 2019, almost 69 new vaping stores started in High Streets, UK. The love of people towards offline stores is because of two factors:

  • Initially, they do not know about various products. In offline stores, they get guidance from store staff on what to purchase and how to purchase. Once they know the products they want, they can comfortably make an online purchase of their favorite vape juice flavors.
  • They are not aware of the benefits online mode provides. Thus, they find purchasing from a store an easy way.

However, today people are more informed about the benefits of online mode. Thus, most of them are shifting towards it. Sellers from all over the world are enlisting their stores on online sites.


The online mode benefits consumers as well as sellers. Consumers get a wide range of products, lower prices, discreet methods to purchase vapes, and convenience, while sellers get a wider reach. An offline store is usually limited to selling products within a locality or a city. However, with online mode, sellers can sell their products across countries. So it is a win-win deal for everyone.