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The Best Beer and Snack Pairings

The Best Beer and Snack Pairings

Enjoying some drinks with your friends while eating your favorite foods is one of those little things that make life great. But you aren't forced to rely on the same old chips and dip every time. You can subscribe to a monthly snack subscription box like Munch Addict, and you'll have no need for the grocery store thanks to the hand-selected curation of global snack foods delivered right to your door.

You can invite your friends over to try the new pairings and make opening the box an occasion in and of itself.  You can enhance your experience by pairing your beers with snacks that complement their composition and fully bring out their flavor. These beer and snack pairings are great for game day, but they're also fantastic to enjoy any time you're looking to unwind.

Wheat Ales

Salts and spices pair excellently with wheat-based ales as well as light or amber lagers. Check out craft beers that have notes of fruit and spice as well. They can accentuate the taste and texture of your snacks if you pair them appropriately. For these beers, consider some goat or Havarti cheese, high-quality pretzels and a spiced mustard or horseradish sauce.

Amber Lagers

Because they're more full-bodied, an amber lager is best enjoyed when it is balanced by something light. Sliced fruits, especially peaches, are a great healthy option. You can also use mild cheeses or a lightly salted tortilla chip with guacamole. If you want a greater contrast, you can head in the opposite direction and opt for a spread of meats, spicy cheeses and some salty olives.

Brown Ales

Brown ales are English-style brews that can range from dry to sweet. If they're made American style, you can expect a more of a chocolate or caramel undertone. In either case, these ales pair excellently with sweet and smoky flavors. You can fire up the grill and enjoy some barbecue, or serve some fresh-baked pretzels with tangy yellow mustard. American brown ales can go well with a smoked Gouda cheese as the natural sweetness of the beer is contrasted nicely by the cheese's salt and nutty notes.


IPAs, Indian pale ales, are a hoppy beer that have a distinct bitterness and earthy taste. IPA can be English or American style, and it's the USA's most popular fashion. For a brew that leans heavy on the bitter side of the spectrum, you'll want to pair it with a salty snack. Consider some salty nuts or more robust cheeses; salamis, grilled meats and even spicy Indian curry can be excellent accouterments to an IPA.


A classic Porter hails from London, and their hearty, full-bodied flavor made them a favorite among the equally formidable working class. While they come in more variations today, you will always be able to identify a Porter based on its dark color and warm flavor that contains a swirl of roasted grains and even hints of chocolate and toffee. With such a strong presence, it wouldn't be beneficial trying to balance this one out with something light. Instead, lean into its flavor and pair it with equally strong tastes. Think lobster rolls and crab cakes, a spread of cured meats and strong cheeses or some smokey, spicy hot wings.