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Best Beer Subscription Boxes

Best Beer Subscription Boxes

Have you ever considered trying beer subscription boxes? This could be an ideal opportunity to get the latest craft beers to your doorstep. These boxes are specially designed by experts who ship customers new beers from breweries they could hardly ever get access to unless they lived in those areas.

Beer boxes will introduce you to new craft breweries and allow you to sample some of the best beverages in the country. In most cases, you will be able to customize your order by selecting the number of beers you want to include in the box.

Keep reading to discover the best beer of the month clubs for 2022 and what we thought of them.


If you want to fully customize your box and control what goes inside, Tavour might be the best option. You can fill in your box in two ways. The first one involves going through their app and choosing available beer options to add to your box.

At the moment, you can choose drinks from over 650 independent beer-making facilities, while two new beers are added every day. There is no minimum order; you can get as many beers as you like. There is, however, a fixed shipping fee, $14.90, regardless of how many drinks you decide to order.

The other way of building your box is to leave it to the experts to choose your beers based on your style. You can also explore the benefits of a monthly subscription. If you decide to order six or 12 beer bottles per month, you can qualify for free shipping.

The price varies, but let’s say that you will have to pay approximately $55 for a six-beer box. Keep in mind that they only ship to 25 states and if you live in the Washington and Seattle area, where their headquarters are located, you can pick up your box in person instead of waiting for delivery.

Craft Beer Kings

If you are one of those people who love variety and plenty of choices, then we suggest you try Craft Beer Kings. This service offers 11 subscription boxes, which is more than enough to keep you interested for quite some time.

While some boxes feature the same style, others tend to mix two, like Stouts & IPAs box. If you are into surprises and enjoy variety, there are boxes containing dark beers with brown ales, stouts, porters, and another one called Various Styles that have the latest styles and beers.

There is no commitment or minimum order. Once you sign up, you will be billed once a month until you choose to cancel. In most cases, your subscription will start at $59.99 for six beer cans. If you choose to get 12 cans, you will have to pay $99.99.

The only exception is the Barrel-Aged box, which costs $149.99 and contains six beer bottles in different sizes. The great thing about this service is that shipping is included in the price, and they deliver to 48 states.

The Original Craft Beer Club

Maybe you are new to this whole beer ordering thing, and you need a service that will cater to the needs of beginners; well, don’t worry, we might have found you the one. The Original Craft Beer Club is ideal for people just starting with a beer subscription service.

They source their beers from independent breweries across the USA, and each box features at least two breweries from different states, along with 12 bottles of beer. However, we should mention that you will receive three bottles of the same beer.

One of the things that really stood out is their customer support service because they really try to accommodate all people and go through special requests. If you have an ongoing membership, you can customize your order.

It means you can choose to receive either bottles or cans and even skip certain beer styles occasionally. Again, there is no minimum order or commitment, while you can receive boxes every month, every other month, or quarterly. The price starts at $44.75, while the shipping cost is included and refers to all contiguous USA.


Do you like to experiment with flavors? Or maybe you need something different? Well, if that’s the case, we suggest getting a membership at Brewvana beer club. According to many, and we can confirm, Brewvana has some of the most unusual flavors we have tasted so far.

Many of the drinks changed our entire perspective of what beer-making can be. Each box features eight different beers, while two beers come from breweries that are on the schedule that month.

Every month, you will pay $69 for a box, and there is no commitment involved, just amazing drinks that come from small breweries across the USA. Also, your monthly box will contain one undiscovered beer.

You can cancel or pause your subscription anytime you want, and if you sign up for six months, you will receive the first delivery of eight beverages for free.

What is a beer subscription box?

If you are new to this concept, we will briefly explain what it means to receive a beer subscription box. Basically, this entire concept revolves around choosing a service that will deliver craft beers to your doorstep every week or every month.

Depending on the type of beer you order, the price usually starts at $32, and it only goes up. Keep in mind that alcohol shipping laws differ in every estate. So, make sure to check the regulations before subscribing to the particular beer box service.


Beer lovers can finally start exploring the benefits of subscription boxes. And, best of all, you aren’t limited to commercial beers; we talk about real stuff here, hand-made, crafted beer coming from small breweries across the USA.

You can customize your boxes, choose different styles, and overall have better control of the products you receive each month. We hope you will find this article useful and that you will test some of the boxes we reviewed today.