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Best Beer Tours from Around the World

What’s more fun than going on holiday to places that you have never been to before? Going on beer or food tours in a place that you have never been to before!

Best Beer Tours from Around the World

What’s more fun than going on holiday to places that you have never been to before? Going on beer or food tours in a place that you have never been to before! From the United States to Norway and even Japan, amazing beer tours can be found across the globe. If this sounds like a good time to you, then keep reading for a list of the best beer tours from around the world. After you’ve had a look through the options below you will want to book your next trip away as soon as possible. 

Brews and Bites Tour, Portland

Starting off this list we head to Portland in the United States for the Brew and Bites Tour. Portland is a place known for having some of the best craft breweries in the country so it is no surprise they are home to a fantastic beer tour. This four-hour-long tour takes you on an incredible journey where you get to sample some outstanding local dishes made by skilled chefs. Whilst you enjoy the cuisine you also visit three different breweries where you get to try some of the most unique beers you have likely ever seen. 

The breweries you visit focus on producing beers based on the seasons they are currently in so you get a tailored experience to the time of year you decide to visit. In addition to this tour, if you find yourself visiting in the first week of July then do not miss out on the Portland Craft Beer Festival that takes place that weekend. 

Great Swedish Beer Festival, Malmö

Sweden is known for being a good place for drinking beer, however, the Great Swedish Beer Festival that takes place in Malmö is on another level. This festival highlights the accomplishments of many microbreweries that have popped up in Sweden over the years. The beers are unique to the areas they have been produced and offer a new take on the different flavors of beer. 

In addition to the endless amounts of beer that can be drunk, there is also a whole range of food available from gourmet food trucks. It is a fantastic event with live music, beer, and food. What more is there to like? The festival takes place on the 26th of October so get ready to clear your schedule for a trip like no other. You could even extend your stay to enjoy some of Sweden's most spectacular sights as well as visit some other breweries such as Malmö brewing which has had raving reviews from beer lovers from around the world.

Beer and Cider Route, Norway

The next beer tour on this list isn’t too far away from Sweden so you could make a double trip out of your holiday. The Beer and Cider Route in Norway is a road trip that takes you around the country sampling some of the country's most unique and highly rated beer and cider. The road trip begins in Bergen and takes you to around 5 different breweries in different parts of the country. The best part about this tour is that you get to choose when you want to stop.

You also get to enjoy the breathtaking Norwegian scenery throughout your journey from the gorgeous countryside to the stunning waterfalls of Hardanger. There are many places to stop off and try out some of Norway’s traditional cuisine as well as stay at some of the most luxurious hotels you have ever seen. 

Beer, Baking, and Bathing, Japan

When it comes to places to go on a beer tour, Japan most likely doesn’t come to many people’s minds; however, it is not to be missed. At the Hinotani Brewery, you get an experience like no other. You get to make your very own beer using a stone kiln as well as staying in a room that is beer themed and even bathes in a hot spring that has craft beer pouring into it. The beer taps are there to be used by you with no limits and you get a full education on how beer is made and the history of the brewery. It really is incredible. You get to experience a culture that is likely very different from yours so what's not to like?