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Best Breweries in Malta

Best Breweries in Malta

With its warm Mediterranean climate, it's easy to associate Malta with boats and beaches. It’s no wonder that this small archipelago of islands has a booming beer scene.

Malta is relatively new to the game of craft beer. Despite this, local brews are winning awards at an international level. 

Planning a trip to Malta? Be sure to sample top-shelf ales, lagers, and porters from the island's best breweries.

Lord Chambray Brewery

Samuele D’imperio, from Italy, can claim credit for putting Malta on the world map for beer lovers. He started Lord Chambray on the island of Gozo, in 2014. 

The beers have catchy names after Malta’s famous sites. San Blas, Blue Lagoon, and Grand Harbour to name a few.

The brewery releases seasonal brews. Look out for Flinders Rose Gose, a lightly salted wheat beer. Caper flowers are added for flavor. These cover Gozo in the summer months.

Learn about the brewing process on a guided brewery tour at the Lord Chambray taproom. The tour includes tasting 3 of the 12 beers on tap. Take a branded glass and coaster home as souvenirs.

The Brew Bar and Grill

This microbrewery, in Sliema, specializes in merging the drinking and dining experience. The brewery runs a popular kitchen that complements its range of craft beers.

Here, brewing is treated as an art form. You will recognize classic styles with adaptions to Malta’s climate. Currently, there are 9 craft beers available. This includes several varieties of IPA and a unique cherry sour beer.  

Try the Golden Ale, a favorite thirst quencher. This full-bodied beer has just a hint of sweet orange. We also love the dark, coffee aromas of the Porter. 

The Brew is right on the waterfront and is a great hangout if you charter a yacht in Malta. This is also the perfect location if you are catching a ferry to Manoel Island. Visit over the weekend to enjoy live music.

The Phoenix Raw Beer

Alessandro Nardi spent many years homebrewing, experimenting, and studying the craft of beermaking. In 2016, Alessandro and his wife launched Raw Beer Microbrewery. 

These craft beers are famous across Malta for their bold mix of flavors. Four different brews are produced to suit a variety of tastes;

Blonde Flora Ale- A light, slightly fizzy ale, fermented with Maltese honey

Tar Robust Porter- infused with coffee beans

Rubin Double-A full-bodied Belgian ale

Rust Rabat Ale - A golden beer with notes of grapefruit and cinnamon.

These beers are favorites amongst both locals and tourists. Raw Beer supplies several bars and restaurants in Malta and Gozo. Be sure to try a few when visiting this region.

The Huskie Craft Beer Company

Huskie Craft Beers was founded by two friends, Jean MikhailBickle and Miguel Camilleri. The business started as a garage hobby in the UK. After moving to Malta, Huskie Craft Beer Company launched in 2019.

Huskie Craft Beer is all about using science to create quality beer. With only the best hops and malts, Huskie has perfected three brews; 

Alpha IPA- Husky’s flagship ale has heaps of hops flavor.

Mosaic Pale Ale- A full-flavored, single malt, single hop beer.  

Baby Face pale ale- An easy-drinking beer. This refreshing brew is surprisingly fruity

Unfortunately, brewery tours are not available. You can find these beers in bars across the island. Head to The Beer Cave, The Corner, and Alchemy Mixology in Valletta

Stretta Craft Beer

Stretta, after Valettas once infamous Strait Street, is the brainchild of John Borg. John is passionate about beer. He soon found himself experimenting with styles that weren’t locally available. Stretta Craft Beer was launched in 2016.

Bold flavors and a cheeky marketing campaign quickly turned heads. Beer critics have awarded Stretta the title of some of Malta’s finest brews.

Stretta No.1 Indian Pale Ale is a favorite for its crisp and malty taste. The Belgian Strong ale packs a punch at 10% alcohol. Premium No. 7 Lager is the brewery's latest addition

Ask for Stretta beer at most bars, restaurants, and cafe’s across Malta. Also available in Gebuba wine bar in Gozo.

The Coppers Gastrobrewpub (Farsons Cisk Beers)

The Brewhouse is located in Malta’s central business district. Here you will find Coppers Gastropub. The rooftop beer garden is the best place to experience Cisk local beers.

The in-house brewery offers beer and food pairings. Try the refreshing ginger and lime flavored lager. Non-drinkers can join in with Cisk’s alcohol-free beer range.

Farsons began operating in 1928 and is a major name in the commercial beer industry. Today Farsons produces a large range of beers. The historic Cisk Lager range is most widely known.