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The Best Cannabis Strains for Beer Enthusiasts

The Best Cannabis Strains for Beer Enthusiasts

The two most popular mild-altering substances in America are cannabis and beer. For centuries, cannabis has been used around the world for recreational and medical use while beer has always been a stable alcoholic drink. There are many cannabis strains that produce very similar effects to those produced by alcohol so it makes complete sense why some people would enjoy combining these two substances. All you have to do is choose your favorite beer and decide on which cannabis consumption method you prefer. If you’re not sure whether you prefer vaping or smoking, then take a look at what Grasscity offers. There you can find various tools and devices for cannabis consumption with a proper product description so you can easily choose what suits you best. As for the strains, below is a list of our favorite strains of cannabis if you’re looking to consume it with your favorite brews.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a hybrid that is Sativa-dominant and it is sweet with slight hints of berry. Blue Dream is paired with a beer called Hefeweizen, which is a wheat and clove beer that also has hints of berry as well as hints of citrus. Gruff’s German Hefeweizen is a beer that is light but at the same time full of flavor and this beer is very popular amongst regulars of the Bellingham breweries scene. When this cannabis strain and beer are out together, it makes the user feel great because Blue Dream has a very relaxing effect on the user.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a strain of marijuana that is described as skunky and spicy and this strain pairs very well with Pale Ale which is a beer that is medium-bodied and has a citrus undertone. Pale Ales generally pair well with marijuana strains that have a spicy and skunky flavor. When the flavors of Pale Ale and OG Kush combine, they form a bitter but at the same time aromatic flavor that is both earthy and deeply flavored. This strain will give you a relaxing high that also has uplifting effects.

Jack Herer

The Jack Herer strain is a Sativa and has a distinct lemon and pine infused flavor and this marijuana strain pairs well with a Pilsner which is a light-bodied and crisp beer that is easy to drink. This beer pairs perfectly with sweet fruity flavors such as lemon or berry which makes it great with Jack Herer. The high that you will experience from Jack Herer is uplifting and it will elevate your mood and give you enough energy to keep you going all night long.


Cinex is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has earthy and citrus tones. Many marijuana users prefer Cinex during the daytime because it has a cerebral effect that helps users focus. This strain pairs well with Gruff’s Belgian witbier which has a fruity tone and is very light-bodied. Belgian Witbier has a light color with a silky texture and finishes off with a hint of lemon. This beer pairs well with fruity and nutty flavors which makes it a perfect match with Cinex. Cinex will give you an energetic high and you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Super Silver Haze

Super silver haze is a hybrid that is Sativa-dominant. This bud is clean and releases a smell of fresh pine wood. This strain pairs well with a pilsner, which is a very popular brew and is very refreshing and light but also gives a mild experience. Super Silver Haze gives users a feeling of euphoria as well as energy and focus. Fun fact: Super Silver Haze is also popularly used for medicinal purposes.

What to consider when mixing cannabis with beer

The number one thing to remember when consuming beer and cannabis is to consume responsibly. Make sure that you never get behind the wheel and drive while under the influence of these mind-altering substances. There are no rules to pairing weed and beer. There isn’t a specific beer that has to be paired with a certain strain, as long as you like the way the two complement each other, that’s all it takes to have a good pairing. Finally, do not overdo it. Avoid consuming too much alcohol and cannabis at the same time because this can induce what is known as “greenies” in the stoner community: vomiting that is induced by consuming too much alcohol and cannabis at the same time.