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Best Casinos with Good Bars in Ireland

Best Casinos with Good Bars in Ireland

No one can deny that Ireland is the best place to have a drink. The Health Research Board discovered that this country has a high beverage consumption level. The Irish are experts, in fact, connoisseurs of good alcohol. This can be due to the fact that their culture is merged intricately with socializing in pubs, bars and having good old fun. 

It is a normal thing to stroll into a casino to play games and find a bar there. You can enjoy your Guinness, and it’s quite exciting as you would be set in the mood and energized to play and win more. Casinos in Ireland are fun and very social. You might walk in for a game and enjoy free drinks at the end of the day. Isn’t it amazing? 

The article is dedicated to the best casinos of Ireland where you may access the deep-rooted drinking culture cumulated in the bars. The precious information below will help you to make the right choice.

The Sporting Emporium

Located in the heart of Dublin, this casino is a quintessence of luxury and rich life. Ever since being opened in 2005, The Sporting Emporium has always been one of the most famous casinos in Ireland because of the modern casino technology and the largest gaming floors. The game selection is exquisite – you can try blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette. The professional players who have prepared a list of the best online casinos Ireland often mention Sporting Emporium when they speak about trustworthy places with an impeccable reputation. 

The Sporting Emporium Bar is famous for its excellent service and attentive staff. According to the customers’ reviews, they will meet you at the door, help out with the games, and even offer a free drink for the players. The selection of beverages includes traditional drinks: Guiness, Irish cider, and, of course, no game can be played without Jameson or Tullamore Dew whiskey. The helpful bartender will pair it up with some cranberry to make a beloved Dublin classic.

Ned Kelly’s Sportsclub & Casino

Due to its location near the bus stop on the way to the Dublin airport, this place is an atmospheric mix. They offer classic casino entertainment which includes casino games, table tennis and pool tables. There is also a luggage storage and an internet cafe available.

Even though it is called after an Australian outlaw, the atmosphere of this place makes the customers feel like they have found the heart of Ireland. The bar is full of typical Irish hue – huge pints of Guinness are offered to all the gamblers. Another traditional cocktail is the first on the list – the Fat frog. This is a fruity combination with vodka to brighten up your day and celebrate a big payout. If you are on your way to the airport – have a velvety drop of Murphy’s stout - an excellent Irish miracle shamefully outshined by Guinness. 

D1 Club

This is a private membership club and casino. They are praised by the customers for the intimate atmosphere, excellent service, and truly unique gaming experience cut to international standards. The club offers a variety of table games, slot machines, poker clubs, and the tired players can even distract themselves by watching their favorite sport.

The D1 Club’s Bar service is even better. The attentive bartender will offer you a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee to relax. All possible soft drinks are free, and if you decide to get something stronger – help yourself to a glass of wine or Bushmills whiskey. Those who are really into the country’s culture might even indulge in some Baileys. You are allowed to bring the beverages to the table. The Bar will make sure to refill everything without interrupting the game. 

In case you don’t feel like going to a land-based place and investing too much, the casino 5 euro deposit provides a secure low risk gambling experience. You will have easy and fast access to the licensed gaming platforms from your couch. In this case you may benefit from your home bar variety without concern about your favorite beverage missing.

Macau Casino Complex

This complex is based in the gambling capital of Ireland – a vibrant city of Cork. They pride themselves with a professional atmosphere and internationally trained croupiers. The array of games is impressive – there are slots, roulette, punto banco, casino holdem poker and three card poker. 

The customers are in for a fantastic bar and dining area. They offer a contemporary style dinner menu with exquisite wines included. In case you are tired from watching the roulette ball spinning, ask the restaurant bartender to treat you to their special Irish coffee. Not only does it have an awakening effect from espresso, but there’s also a lot of sugar for your brain, and whiskey for a little bit of relaxation. 

Carlton Casino Club

Since it is one of the most prominent casinos in the country, Carlton club takes class to a whole new level. The customers claim excellent service, pleasant atmosphere, and a wide selection of video games. The Carlton Casino Club also has an online platform which is famous even abroad. The experts sometimes compare it to one site from the list of the best online casinos NJ which have a reputation of being trustworthy, caring for security and having the special offers for the customers.

A huge place is filled with various entertainment and dining areas, playing tables, and, of course, several bars. When you walk into one of them taking a break from the game, ask for a good Old fashioned - you can never go wrong with a whiskey drink. The Cocktail menu is full with familiar names like Whiskey Sour, and even James Bond’s favorite vodka and gin (local Drumshanbo!) Martini. Just remember: shaken, not stirred. The bar provides Wi-Fi service and is a non-smoking area. Cigarette lovers may enjoy a puff in a comfortable specially equipped and heated zone.

Four Kings Casino & Card Club

Located in the city of Swords, this place is rich in adventures. There is a variety of table games – blackjack, three card draw poker and huge jackpots slot machines. This is a perfect entertainment place with impeccable service. 

The restaurant provides the customers with a selection of dishes to choose from. The best time is guaranteed in the bar, though. The menu offers fine wines and excellent whiskey, and Guiness, of course. Ladies and gentlemen usually celebrate their wins with the best champagne. If you are not a fan of the sparkling drink, help yourself to this casino special – Black N Black. It is a pint of Guinness with a shot of blackcurrant – a true taste of Ireland.


The best casinos in the country provide the customers with fantastic games selections, serve the best food and drinks, and have the most welcoming and hospitable staff. Each casino has their own bar or restaurant with a wide selection of drinks. Of course, all of them offer the typical beverages as well as traditional beers and cocktails. The best choice in the list is obvious – choose the ones with whiskey. And may the luck of the Irish be with you!