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BoozeDancing Reviews Bonesaw Brewing's The IPA Formerly Known as Swoosh

A Tasting at the Murder Table Reviews Bonesaw Brewing's The IPA Formerly Known as Swoosh

If you're a beer connoisseur and you happen to live in New Jersey, then you're well aware that there has been an explosion of new brewery openings across the state in recent years. Don't believe us? Ok, naysayers, here are some facts for you: 

 That's a 483% increase in the total number of breweries in just 9 years. Impressive!

On today's episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table, we'll be reviewing a beer from Glassboro, NJ's Bonesaw Brewing Company. The beer goes by the rather lengthy name of The IPA Formerly Known as Swoosh. Here's what this long-windedly named beer is all about: 

A juicy IPA focusing on big, bursting hop flavor and aroma. While we love classic NEIPAs for their juice, for this beer we chose to hybridize West Coast dryness and moderate bitterness to complement and accentuate the hop nose. Notes of mango, peach, dried apricot and cantaloupe. 7.1% ABV, 53 IBU.

This delicious-sounding IPA found its way to The Murder Table by way of a wee beer exchange with fan and occasional co-conspirator The Wookie (aka The Alemonger) a few weeks back. We once again went into a tasting with our rose-colored glasses on. 

While we definitely enjoy a well-made New England Style IPA, we occasionally find them to be a bit on the bland side (we’re looking at you Sixpoint Hootie!). Bonesaw Brewing calls this beer a hybrid thanks to the addition of West Coast Style IPA characteristics. Here’s hoping that it’s more 2020 Acura NSX and less Toyota Prius! 

Thankfully, this beer did not disappoint… A hazy, pale orange color coupled with a fluffy head of off-white foam was appreciated. Juicy bits of particulate fall slowly to the bottom of your glass like glitter in a freshly shaken snow globe.  A big juicy nose loaded with notes of citrus and tropical fruits was found upon first whiff. Smooth, creamy carbonation followed by a complex flavor that does a really good job of masking its 7.1 percent ABV.  Saying that we enjoyed The IPA Formerly Known as Swoosh would be an understatement.


To find more of our thoughts on this beer, check out the full video below:


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