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Brewery Tours Around the World: A Beer Lover's Travel Guide

Discover the best brewery tours around the globe in our comprehensive guide. From Belgium’s historic Trappist breweries to Japan’s innovative craft beer scene, explore the unique flavors and brewing traditions that make each destination a must-visit for beer lovers.

Brewery Tours Around the World: A Beer Lover's Travel Guide

Beer tourism has burgeoned into a significant facet of local tourism economies globally, offering enthusiasts a chance to experience the craft of brewing firsthand. This guide takes you on a detailed journey through some of the most notable brewery tours around the world, each offering unique insights into the art and science of brewing.

1. Belgium: Trappist Brewery Tours

Belgium boasts a deep-rooted beer culture with several Trappist breweries that have been perfecting their craft for centuries. Tours are available at several of these monastic breweries, including:

  • Chimay: Known for its rich ales, Chimay offers a glimpse into the monastic life and the brewing process that supports it.
  • Westvleteren: This elusive brewery often requires booking months in advance but promises an intimate look at their brewing methods and philosophies.
  • Orval: Famous for its unique ale and picturesque setting, Orval provides tours that blend historical insights with tasting experiences.

These tours not only allow visitors to sample some of the world's most revered beers but also to understand the monastic traditions that frame their creation.

2. United States: Exploring the Craft Beer Capitals

The U.S. has seen an explosive growth in craft breweries, with several cities emerging as beer capitals. Notable among them are:




Known for innovative microbreweries like Rogue and Deschutes.

San Diego

Famous for its IPAs and vibrant brewery scene.


Boasts a dense concentration of craft breweries in a small town setting.

Each city offers unique brewery tours that provide insights into the local brewing scene and often include hands-on experiences.

3. Germany: Bavarian Brewery Tours

Germany, particularly Bavaria, is synonymous with beer. Tours in this region highlight the traditional brewing techniques passed down through generations:

  • Hofbräuhaus Munich: Dive into Bavarian beer history and sample some of the classic brews in one of Munich’s oldest beer halls.
  • Weihenstephan Brewery: Tour the world's oldest brewery in Freising, where traditional methods meet modern brewing technology.

These tours not only teach about brewing but also about the Bavarian way of life, deeply intertwined with beer.

4. Czech Republic: Pilsner Urquell Brewery

The Czech Republic's contribution to the beer world cannot be overstated, being the birthplace of the original Pilsner. The Pilsner Urquell Brewery offers an immersive tour that includes:

  • Brewing History: Learn about the revolution in brewing that led to the birth of Pilsner.
  • Tasting Experience: Sample unfiltered and unpasteurized Pilsner straight from the barrel in historic cellars.

This tour is a pilgrimage for beer purists and historians alike, showcasing the impact of Czech brewing on global beer culture.

5. Australia: Melbourne's Craft Beer Scene

Melbourne has rapidly become a focal point for craft beer innovation in Australia. Key stops include:

  • Mountain Goat Beer: Known for its creative brews and sustainable practices.
  • Moon Dog Craft Brewery: Offers a quirky and experimental approach to beer crafting.

Tours typically conclude with comprehensive tasting sessions, where visitors can enjoy the full range of unique flavors on offer.

6. Japan: The Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Japan may be renowned for sake, but its craft beer scene is equally fascinating, blending traditional ingredients with modern brewing techniques. Key tours include:

  • Hitachino Nest: Famous for integrating local ingredients like yuzu and green tea into its brews.
  • Yoho Brewing: Known for its American-inspired ales and innovative Japanese twists.

These tours provide insights into how traditional Japanese flavors are being adapted into contemporary craft beer.

Activities and More

For those looking to explore more activities around these destinations, including local attractions and other experiences, visit things to do.


Each brewery tour around the world offers its own unique slice of the local brewing culture, from the ancient to the innovative. These tours provide not just a taste but a deep understanding of the global landscape of beer production and enjoyment. They are an excellent way for beer lovers to combine their passion for beer with travel, exploring new tastes and traditions one sip at a time. Cheers to discovering the world’s best brews on your next travel adventure!