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A Brief History of THC-O Cartridge

THC-O, also known as THC-O-A or THC-O Acetate, is a cannabinoid extracted from regular THC

A Brief History of THC-O Cartridge

THC-O was discovered a long time ago, but the 2018 Farm Bill has increased its popularity recently. Users love its potency and health benefits more than regular THC and prefer it.

But where did it come into existence, and how did it lead to the final product available in the markets? Let us take a glimpse at how THC-O and its carts came into being and developed to become customer favorites.

What is THC-O?

Before we see how THC-O got discovered or developed, let us find out what it is. THC-O-A is a cannabinoid that usually does not occur naturally. Simply put, the compound isn't naturally present in cannabis plants; it needs to get extracted from THC instead. Since it is a derived substance, it has modified functions.

THC-O carts are essentially vaping carts, including THC-O vape juice. They come in both disposable and reusable packaging and a wide variety of sizes. They contain THC-O extract and other ingredients that you can vape for a smooth high and the health benefits that come with it too. You can easily find the Best THC-O cartridge by Fukedup online or even in retail stores.

It usually comes from Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC. However, though the names are similar, it is far more potent than THC. An article stated how THC-O could be 300% stronger than THC in both benefits and effects.

How was THC-O discovered?

During 1949 and 1975, the U.S Army conducted the Edgewood Arsenal Experiments. It was during this time that THC and THC-O got experimented with and discovered. Although the time frame is large, the substance had a striking potency, so researchers distinguished it from regular THC.

After that, another encounter with THC-O was when DEO researchers focused on its derivation process. Here is where matters get murky. While there is a gap between the effects, THC-O and THC got compared with heroin and morphine. The former are cannabinoids, while the latter are opioids.

In the researchers' defense, they merely compared the extraction process of the substances. The way THC-O gets extracted from THC is quite similar to how heroin gets extracted from morphine. Such comparison also discouraged many from trying THC-O.

Taboo Regarding THC-O and the 2018 Farm Bill

The DEO research paper made THC-O start on the wrong foot. Since THC is acetylated to get THC-o from it, it got compared with heroin. Heroin is also an acetylated form of morphine. Thus, the similarity between the two is regarding merely the method of extraction.

However, the comparison concerned people, so not many research works or instances of use are present. After a period of minor discoveries and hardly any usage, same as the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill in itself is considered a revolutionary occurrence for CBD and THC users all across the states.

In the bill, products and byproducts coming from industrial hemp are legal to use. It refers to products from cannabis plants with less than 0.3% THC. However, while federal laws define this, many states have their regulations for Delta-8 and THC-O. Delta-8 is where THC-O usually comes from, so the legal status differs with each state.

Increase in Usage and Future

After the 2018 Farm Bill, more and more producers started investing in THC-O production. With further research and increasing consumer reviews, people became interested in THC-O. Moreover, it is not surprising because the potency and benefits of THC-O are far superior to THC.

An article on THC-O and its development covered how THC-O works in the body. The author called it a "spiritual cannabinoid" since it is super potent, effective but not as mind-altering. Delta-10 vape carts work faster than edibles, but the process takes slightly longer than your regular THC products.

With the rapid development of technology for the production of THC-O and research work, we can expect the market to grow. Its benefits also make THC-O vape carts an ideal product for THC users. Aside from vape carts, there are many edible products in the market for users.

What makes THC-O vape carts different?

THC products are known for their psychoactive effects on the user and are popular because of them. Apart from that, there are multiple health benefits of THC products too. However, while THC and THC-O have almost identical health benefits, the matter is different for the psychological effects.

When you vape or consume THC, you would experience a high. Its strength would largely depend on the dosage, but you will feel lightheaded and euphoric. On the other hand, consuming Delta-8 THC would help you relax and calm down. However, THC-O gives an introspecting effect to users.

It makes them spiritual and lets them reflect upon life positively. Many users especially find THC-O to gain such a high. It is unique to THC-O and is even smoother than the high you get from Delta-8. The vape carts also help you get the high as fast as possible.

Is THC-O safe for you to try?

Since there isn't much research on THC-O vape carts and THC in general, it is hard to claim anything. But from prior research, we already know that apart from the temporary psychoactive effects, the long-term effects of THC are not alarming. The same goes for THC-O too.

If you buy a high-quality product from a tested buyer, you can ensure the product's safety. However, you must be extremely careful while dosing THC-O vape. Since its potency and effect on individuals may differ, it is best to start small. Remember, in cannabinoids, a little does go a long way.

You can also consult your doctor or a professional to weigh out its pros and cons. If you can manage to dose it appropriately and regulate the usage, you can easily use it without any issues. Since the carts come with the dosage mentioned, be sure never to exceed the recommended limit


THC-O carts are a newer contender in the cannabinoid market right now. Even though the products might be new commercially, the development of the compound has a rich history. Only recently have users started paying attention and trying out the products.

If you set aside the taboo related to the products and focus more on their benefits, you can see the charm of these THC-O carts. They are an innovative and more developed way of consuming THC and receiving its benefits.