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Cannabis Beverage Market: Trends and Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

Cannabis Beverage Market: Trends and Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

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Legal brand THC drinks are gaining popularity. Many people are tossing their blunts, growing CBD strain seeds, and drinking their weed instead. Are you curious about where this market is heading?

Read on to learn more about marijuana market trends and predictions for cannabis beverages. We also discuss why this industry is facing a considerable boost.

Cannabis Beverages vs. Other Types

With the rise of legal online cannabis seed banks, marijuana is more accessible than ever. The most common consumption method is the good old blunt but infused baked goods are also popular.

New and healthier alternatives are necessary with more people trying to stop smoking. It’s somewhat challenging to infuse fat-soluble cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into water. Most consumables come in the form of baked goods. 

Cannabis drinks are a reasonably modern innovation by companies that mastered the art of infusing drinks without losing active compounds.

Here are some of the advantages of cannabis beverages:

  • They kick in faster than edibles.
  • They have fewer calories than typical infused baked goods.
  • They keep you hydrated and prevent cottonmouth associated with cannabis.
  • They have lower production costs than edibles and alcoholic drinks.
  • They’re a healthier alternative to alcohol.

Cannabis Beverage Market Trends

Several cannabis beverage companies are coming into play in this rapidly growing sector. Three main products dominate this market: iced teas and lemonades, seltzers, and dissolvable concentrates.

Here’s a breakdown of the cannabis trends in 2022:

Iced Teas and Lemonades

The company Major has achieved a nearly 50% sales share in Washington’s beverage market since 2020. Its tagline, “A Major High For Cheap,” paired with its delicious fruit-flavored drinks, makes it an instant hit.

Major's top-selling product is Sunset Pink Lemonade, which totaled $3.8m in retail sales in 2021.

Dogtown Pioneers is another successful brand that falls under this category. It had the second best-selling beverage in 2021, which featured a high potency lemonade. It also offers diet versions with fewer calories and less sugar.

Dogtown Pioneers’ best-selling beverage in 2021 was Ray’s Huckleberry Lemonade, which hit $1.9m in total sales.


Every cannabis connoisseur has heard of Cann, and many investors are looking to buy Cann drink stock. Why? This drink brand is a celebrity favorite that creates seltzers with low potency, marketed as cannabis alcohol-replacement products. 

These drinks tap into a growing customer base of people who want to attend social gatherings without consuming alcohol. Cann beverage stock boomed when monthly sales grew by more than 2500% from January 2020 to January 2021.

This company’s top-selling product is the CBD 2:1 Blood Orange Cardamom Social Tonic 6-Pack. In 2021, total retail sales reached $3.4m, with many celebrity supporters and investors like Gwyneth Paltrow.

Dissolvable Powders

Relatively new to the world of cannabis drinkables, Ripple by Stillwater creates dissolvable products that you can mix to create legal brand THC drinks. In 2020, nearly 40% of Colorado’s beverage market went to these products.

Stillwater targets consumers looking for convenient and portable drinkables that are easy to dose. It’s beneficial if you want to add some cannabis to unique beverages or enjoy free reign over your recipes.

This company hit $2.0m in retail sales with its cannabis powders. In 2021, the Pure Dissolvable 10-Pack resonated with customers and was the brand’s top seller.

Cannabis Beverage Market Predictions

Experts predict the global cannabis beverage market will grow from $503.58m in 2020 to $2958.60m by 2028. This forecast means the industry compound annual growth rate may hit an astounding 24.5%.

The global economy has seen an increase in the industry of low and non-alcoholic drinks. Of the three main products on the market, non-alcoholic CBD seltzers like Cann are expected to rise significantly.

Reasons for the Cannabis Beverage Market Boost

You may be wondering why this industry is snowballing. The increased use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is expected to cause a significant demand. People who use it to treat neurological diseases require a consumption method that acts fast and lasts long. 

Another reason is the legalization of cannabis throughout America. As more states permit weed, companies can experiment with new ways to make better drinkable products. Innovative beverages may be responsible for the boost in the next few years.

Researchers are still learning about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. As more studies release the advantages to the public, health-conscious consumers will look for ways to consume marijuana outside of smoking.

Final Words

The cannabis beverage market is booming and expected to rise in the next few years. The top three categories are iced teas and lemonades, seltzers, and dissolvable powders.

Drinkables are a healthy alternative to other consumption methods and offer consumers a new way to enjoy weed. Since the legal status of marijuana is changing in many states, this market is booming, and we can’t wait to see how far it goes.

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