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Casinos with Breweries

Casinos with Breweries

A new trend is catching on in the casino industry as more breweries are cropping up. It seems that brewing up is suitable for the casino industry. Craft beer is a relatively new mainstream beverage option, replacing beer-belly Ale drinkers associated with generations past. An on-premises brewhouse is a lot more than a marketing tool serving to capitalize on craft beer's growing popularity. However, the casino industry is well aware of the benefits of beer complimenting the gambling experience. However, the nature of craft beer and gambling are only catching on now.

Grab a Beer While Playing at Online Casinos

Of course, if you play at online casinos such as these, you can always have a craft beer or two at home. Despite the free drinks and beer they offer patrons, and you can enjoy various casino sites from home comfort with a fraction of the price it costs to visit a land casino. The culture has changed over the last couple of years, and ordering home deliveries is the norm. Many restaurants and beverage establishments provide home deliveries free of charge, so you can request a six-pack of craft beers while enjoying your game at online casinos. Of course, it ultimately depends on where you live. You might have a liquor store right on your doorstep; nevertheless, you can always grab a beer from somewhere or other while visiting casino sites.

Feather Falls Casino & Lodge

One such gambling destination is the Feather Falls Casino and Lodge. Located in Oroville, California, the establishment's ethos is 'beer drinkers like to gamble.' The four-year-old brewery recently surpassed the magic $1 million in sales. The casino is only 20 miles away from the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, which is undoubtedly the most significant craft brewery in the USA. That means the locals are attuned to craft beer, so opening an on-site brewery was a no-brainer and significant asset, and it makes good business sense to have an on-site brewery. In addition, casinos regularly provide patrons with free drinks to keep them at the gambling table. Subsequently, such freebies are a fraction of the high costs of purchasing them externally to give away.

Dostal Alley Casino & Brew Pub

The Dostal Alley Casino and Brew Pub in Central City, Colorado, found that an in-house brewery gave it the edge over other competitors in town. Most local casinos provide similar services with halls of slots and gaming tables. However, the Dostal Alley's craft beer offerings offered a route to survival by delivering something that no one else could. While the market was drinkers of Miller, Coors, and Budweiser, the craft beer business changed the playing field.

Ellis Island Casino, Hotel & Brewery

Ellis Island Casino, Hotel, and Brewery have been around since 1968. The family-owned casino is within walking distance to the Vegas Strip, and it's a place to eat, drink, and gamble away. Besides late-night steaks and hot slots, you can enjoy cold brews. The off-strip, old-Vegas charm is a mainstay for locals and guests alike. You'll find some of the loosest slot machines in Vegas, with the best beer you'll find anywhere in Vegas. In addition, Ellis Island provides blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, keno, and sports betting along with 250 of the hottest slot machines.

Main Street Station Casino & Brewery

Main Street Station is the best-kept secret in Las Vegas. It contains Downtown's Original Brewery with a charming Victorian-era theme, rare antiquities, and fine dining for an unmissable experience. Main Street Station offers 20x odds on craps, favorite table games, and the hottest slot machines, and the brewery adds a pleasant touch to the already booming games and haute cuisine.

Rolling Hills Casino, Resort & Brewery

The Rolling Hills Casino is extremely popular with locals and travelers. The gambling destination offers a fun, clean, and spacious environment. With almost 850 slots, an extensive interactive video games selection includes traditional slots, penny slots, and $5 games. You can play Wheel of Fortune, video poker, PennyTrain, and many other favorites. You can even play progressive jackpot slot machines with massive prize pools. The establishment has a new brewhouse and distillery of fine spirits featuring state-of-the-art fermenting capabilities unrivalled in the Northern State. The Paskenta Brewery and Distillery is where master brewers and distillers create exceptional bourbon, vodka, crafted liquors, beer, and other spirits. The beer-brewing process only utilizes fresh water and the most flavorful grain. Each one has its unique signature taste and character that you will long remember after you've emptied the last mug.

SkyCity Adelaide, Australia

Perhaps the most impressive casino resort with a brewery is Adelaide's SkyCity, with a $300 million makeover, Australia's first of its kind. It features a functional microbrewery within the casino itself, operated by local Pirate Life. It's the final puzzle piece at SkyCity Adelaide. The microbrewery is located on level one of The District at SkyCity and features the dynamic Pirate Life team. The vibrant SkyCity live entertainment is on Level 1 within the current heritage building, and a recent closure permitted the construction projects to continue with the expansion of the hotel site.


Time will tell if the casino brewery trend will expand; however, it's already catching on and can only grow as more gambling destinations compete in a fiercely contested market. The long-established casinos with breweries have a head start; nevertheless, there have been considerable investments globally, not just in the USA. For example, Australia's SkyCity has already seen a $300 million cash injection. More established land casinos have to fight to remain competitive and having an in-house beer brewery on the premises could create a significant competitive edge, seeing as how many gamblers appreciate craft beer.

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