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Discover A City Through Its Beer

Discover A City Through Its Beer

A taproom is a brewery’s best chance to show off its heritage, the city that it came from, and its culture while providing a great customer experience.

Most major cities have multiple taprooms nearby and it’s a great way to get accustomed to the city, its people, and its history from the perspective of the local brewery.

Beermakers can show you their greatest hits and will be able to tell you why they did so well; each recipe tells its own story; beers aren’t just brewed for the sake of something new or something different.

Expert brewers are passionate about bringing you the right flavor, and each new recipe has its trials and tribulations - its backsteps and its breakthroughs.

Each beer tells a story, a story about the locals, the brewing process, the economic climate.

The exciting thing about a taproom is that all of this history, these stories can be found in one place – a fantastic intersection where beer and culture cross over.

Each taproom is different because each brewery is different, with its own clientele, resources, and brewers it can produce wildly different flavors that reflect the city that you have visited.

You also get access to the people who are responsible for making beer in taprooms, they know the history -often they are the history- and are uniquely qualified to show off the different beers a brewery has come up with, the considerations when coming up with the flavour, and why they have come to be.

If you are visiting a city and aren’t too fond of museums, a taproom can offer you the historical perspective of the working people through the different beers and the stories that accommodate them.

And the beer itself? Straight from the brewery; take the Innis & Gunn Edinburgh Taproom for example, you can discover Scotland’s historic capital with 26 taps straight from the tanks and unique flavours that all have a story to tell.

Taprooms aren’t just for tourists though, if there’s one near you which you haven’t yet visited it’s worth a try.

Many taprooms look to be pillars of the community, a brewery’s way of saying thank you to its local people for making its success possible.

Taprooms can offer a number of local events that get everyone together and help strengthen a town or city’s community.

With local meetings and live music nights typically offered, heading to a taproom can be a great way to get to know your neighbors if you’re new in town or even just to celebrate your home.

Even without organized events, taprooms can offer live sports and great food and games like pool and darts.

They offer everything that a bar can offer and so much more with historical insight into an area. It may surprise you how much of a story beer has to tell.

So, if you’re new to town, have been there for a while, or are just stopping by, check out your local taproom, you’ll probably find some great beer but more importantly; you’ll have a great time.