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Discover the Trendy World of CBD-Infused Beers

Explore the emerging trend of CBD-infused beers, their flavors, benefits, and where to find them. Learn how these non-alcoholic, low-calorie drinks are revolutionizing the beverage market.

Discover the Trendy World of CBD-Infused Beers

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural compound derived from cannabis plants. In recent years, CBD has gained immense popularity for its potential health benefits. One fascinating development is the infusion of CBD into beer, creating a new category of beverages in the market. This blog post delves into the realm of CBD-infused beers, exploring their flavors, advantages and availability.

CBD-Infused Beer: An Overview

CBD-infused beers are crafted by blending CBD extracts (such as CBDfx THC Oil) with various types of cannabis plants. These innovative beverages have gained traction, especially after the legalization of hemp through the farm bill. Contrary to traditional beers, CBD-infused options are non-alcoholic, low-calorie, and do not induce a high effect.

Popular CBD-Infused Beer Varieties

Hi-Fi Hops (CBD-Infused Hops Sparkling Drink)
Hi-Fi Hops, a notable CBD-infused beer, combines a hoppy drink with high-quality water-soluble CBD. This drink boasts zero calories and carbs and is available in three enticing flavors: cloudberry, hoppy chill, and hoppy balance. Easily accessible in California, Hi-Fi Hops offers a seamless absorption of CBD directly into the bloodstream.

Indiewave West Coast: Ceria Brewing
Created by Keith Villa, this CBD-infused beer is a blend of non-alcoholic beer and top-notch CBD powder. The tantalizing taste, featuring caramel notes with spices like citra and Amarillo, has earned it a 4-star rating.

CBD Pilsner
Crafted by Untitled Art, CBD Pilsner offers hop flavors with citrus and pine as primary ingredients. Inspired by an RTJ hit song, this beer contains 8 mg of CBD per 330 ml drink, delivering a spicy, lingering citrus taste.

CBD American Pale Ale
Brewed by Gilgamesh, this pale ale contains 5 mg of CBD per 12 oz. Known for its calming effect, it's popular in Madison and Wausau, offering a slightly pale taste with a chilly, tingly touch.

A creation of Long Brewing Company, Medicator is a hybrid mixture of an IPA and an American Pale Ale, infused with CBD oil and terpenes. With a 6.2% ABV and a strong CBD flavor, it has a deep golden color and a slightly sticky texture.

Smokey Hazy Hemp
Developed by Humboldt Brewing Company, this CBD-infused beer, with roasted hemp seed and pearl corn malt, offers a smoky, hazy flavor with a cool, herbal touch and a hint of citrus and pine tar.

CBD-Infused Sparkling Teas and Juices
Available from a variety of producers, this non-alcoholic, gluten-free drink is infused with 20 mg of CBD and comes in various delightful flavors, including lemon, pear, raspberry and hibiscus rooibos tea, providing a relaxed and happy experience.

CBD-Infused Sparkling Water
CBD-infused sparkling water is a versatile option made by many companies and offering 20 mg of CBD with no caffeine, carbs or sugar. It's available in myriad flavors and is ideal for beginners.


CBD-infused beers present an exciting fusion of traditional brewing techniques with the potential health benefits of CBD. These non-alcoholic, low-calorie beverages are gaining popularity, and a wide range of flavors ensures there's something for everyone. Explore the variety of CBD-infused beers available in the market to experience the unique and delightful flavors while reaping the potential health benefits of CBD, and you can check thc percentage chart for more information about what's in your CBD/THC beverage. Enjoy this trendy drink responsibly!