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The Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Gambling and Vice Versa

The Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Gambling and Vice Versa

The connection between alcohol and gambling has long been a point of contention for researchers. Alcohol brings more emotions for some gamblers while playing in casinos makes some people want to drink. Everyone knows that alcoholism is widely spread among gamblers, and the percent of playing addictions among alcoholics is higher too.

In addition to such common symptoms as loss of control, social isolation and suicidal tendencies, both addictions cause similar behavior and brain disorders. In this article, we will tell about some of the most important effects of alcohol consumption on gaming as well as gambling on drinking addiction. 

1. Alcohol Increases Risk-Taking

Drunk players are able to take more risks during the game and prefer to play longer. It is not an exception that people who stopped drinking also become pathological gamblers after a while. The biggest thing is that gamblers think about the game as entertainment, and they are ready to lose some money from the start. The winning chances also leave them calm and do not cause a desire to play more. On the other hand, addicted people are unable to stop playing and lose until they are totally bankrupt, just like alcoholics.

For example, after a series of losing bets, a person with an addiction to alcohol may start drinking and losing even more. Such a person tries to find the best paying online casino and win back all his money but drinking prevents him from concentrating and making good bets. Bookmakers and casinos try to avoid such cases. They warn all players about responsible gaming and provide links to websites of the international organizations that help addicts. Moreover, it is possible to set limits for yourself when signing up for betting services.    

2. Gambling Encourages Drinking

Playing at the casino gives players a lot of vivid emotions that raise the level of dopamine and improve their mood. It doesn't matter who you are, a doctor, a professional editor or a housekeeper — gambling will affect everyone in the same way. But if you stop gambling, you may feel a lack of such positive emotions.

People with a weak mental state have a very bad chance of getting over such mood swings. And if there is no money left to play, they use alcohol as a substitute for gambling. For a short period of time, drinking helps such a person, causing a surge of dopamine and serotonin for a few hours. Of course, this ends badly and leads to addiction.

3. Alcoholism and Ludomania Enhance Addictions

An individual who drinks frequently will not be able to stop gambling in casinos easily. It will also be very difficult for a gambler to get rid of his alcohol addiction. Addicted gamblers and alcoholics often do not want to admit the problem and ask for medical help. And such an issue is really serious, people with gambling addiction need specific mental and medical treatment with long rehabilitation. Like with alcoholism treatment, there is an "all or nothing" rule. The person should stop playing in casinos and avoid thinking about it if at all possible.

Gamblers that drink should also stop doing it as well. In most cases, giving up alcohol and gambling at the same time is a real life-saving step. Those who gave up drinking and never played before must not try to gamble, since the risk of becoming addicted is too high.


There are millions of gamblers in the world today that are calmly earning money in casinos and just having a great time. There are also millions of alcohol lovers who don't get addicted. However, people have to be very careful when mixing these two activities. Sometimes they can enhance each other's effect and lead to bad consequences.

The only advice here is to stay responsible and try not to go overboard with both gambling and drinking. Just keep a balance and take breaks, it will help you to avoid getting addicted. It sounds like a simple thing, but that is what helps most people minimize negative influences and peacefully enjoy gambling and alcohol.

Photo Courtesy Flickr/Marco Verch Professional Photographer