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Establishing Safe Protocols for Brewing with CO2 Monitoring

The fermentation process is a cornerstone of beer and wine making. However, it releases CO2, posing risks to brewers. Discover how TandD data loggers can safeguard your facility by monitoring CO2 levels, sending real-time alerts and ensuring compliance with OSHA.

Establishing Safe Protocols for Brewing with CO2 Monitoring

One of the most critical processes in any type of beer or wine making venture is the fermentation process. It’s nearly impossible to brew a beer without it. Unfortunately, with this process comes the inevitable release of CO2. At low levels, CO2 is nothing to fear. But the fermentation process, which can produce around 400 to 600 L of CO2 for every 20L of beer, exposes brewers to more than 3% CO2 (OSHA’s evacuation threshold) in a matter of minutes. At 4% concentration, CO2 poses an immediate threat to life and health. Couple this with enclosed spaces and you have a recipe for disaster.

Now, most brewers understand this danger and have the proper ventilation and filtration to counteract the CO2 produced. However, it is essential to also incorporate a monitoring system to keep workers safe in case of a failure of filtration systems or a case in which CO2 production exceeds expected values. Not only will it keep workers safe, but it will keep you in compliance with OSHA in case of an audit. This is where a TandD data logger becomes essential.

Data loggers, used in conjunction with a data storage system, can monitor CO2 levels, allow you to store data over time and provide real-time alerts. It works by placing a data logger in the brewing facility, or multiple data loggers depending on the size of the room and setting limits on when alerts should be sent based on CO2 concentration. These alerts can be sent to a user via email through a cloud storage system, through direct Bluetooth connection and a mobile app or through wireless with compatible loggers. These alerts allow brewers to take the correct steps to ventilate or evacuate staff to prevent health risk or death.

TandD offers a wide range of data loggers suited to beer connoisseurs who are worried about CO2 concentration and its effects on health and safety. Two loggers in particular are recommended for those in the industry who need record keeping capabilities or real-time monitoring and alert functionality – TR76ui-S and RTR576-S.

TR-76Ui-S is a three-channel data logger designed to measure and record CO2 concentration, plus high precision temperature and humidity. The CO2 warning notification feature helps provide a standard for timing ventilation in all facilities. This model comes with a high precision temperature-humidity sensor, making it perfect for situations where strict temperature and humidity control is required in addition to the CO2 measurement. It offers a simple USB connection to your PC, provides an easy way to make detailed settings and download data. Basic settings and REC start/stop can also be done by simply pressing buttons on the units themselves. This is the top choice if you only need to record and present data, as it doesn’t offer real-time monitoring.

The RTR576-S is a three-channel data logger designed to measure and record CO2 concentration, plus high precision temperature and humidity. The warning contact output connection provides not only a quick on-the-spot alarm but can be connected for use with an air ventilation system. This logger series also allows you to mix and match an array of wireless radio communication loggers with various Base Units or Data Collectors to meet your needs. Logged data can be automatically sent via network or mobile communication to be saved in cloud storage or to a specified location. This logger provides both record keeping capabilities as well as real-time alerts when CO2 concentration becomes too high.

Depending on your needs, either logger is a great fit for brewers to monitor and record CO2 levels during the fermentation process. TandD also offers a free cloud storage service, the WebStorage Service to access data for viewing and downloading via an Internet browser anytime, anywhere.

Don’t underestimate the dangers of CO2. You should be worried about the concentration of CO2 in your facility during brewing and TandD can help. Check out the TandD website at Data Logger Products | T&D Corporation ( to find all of our CO2 focused products and more, as well as identify a distributor near you.