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Europe's Most Unforgettable Bars for The Ultimate Pub Crawl

Europe's Most Unforgettable Bars for The Ultimate Pub Crawl

Europe is known for the impact its culture has had on the world at large. Though the continent might be home to some of the famous architectural and historical monuments in the world, it is also home to something far more important: Great bars! In this guide, we’re going to feature five of our favorites as we embark on the ultimate globe-trotting bar crawl. Remember, always drink and travel responsibly with your e111 card.

IceBar – Stockholm, Sweden

The world’s original (and best) permanent ice bar, Stockholm’s IceBar is entirely constructed of ice sourced from the famous Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Lapland and is kept at a constant temperature of -7 degrees Celsius.

First constructed in 2002, every year the interior design is restored using fresh ice from the Torne River by skilful sculptors.

With everything except the drinks made of ice, upon paying the entry fee you’ll be handed a complimentary cocktail of your choice from a diverse menu of Scandinavian-inspired drinks including the Thor, Loki and Odin.  

Header Image Courtesy IceBar Stockholm

Hiding In Plain Sight – Amsterdam, Holland

Situated in the oldest part of Amsterdam, Hiding In Plain Sight is an award-winning cocktail bar famed for its creative and delicious concoctions.

Offering a whole host of special cocktails all born from the creative mind of the bar’s owner, Guillermo Gonzalez, we suggest the Walking Dead, a drink that according to Guillermo himself ‘separates the gentlemen from the boys’. Served in a 16-ounce skull-shaped glass, the cocktail contains 3 different types of rum and is so strong that only one can be served per customer each night.

What’s more, the ineffably chic drinking den is just minutes away from Amsterdam’s Centraal train station, making it easily accessible on your jaunt across Europe.

Image Courtesy Hiding in Plain Sight

Eleszto Bar – Budapest, Hungary

Located in the heart of the Hungarian capital of Budapest, the Eleszto Bar has a wide variety of India Pale Ales, Stouts as well as many German, Hungarian and Austrian beers for you to try.

While at Eleszto, you’re sure to find a tipple that tickles your fancy, as pints are as low as $2.50 – meaning you may well never want to leave this affordable and relaxed craft beer bar.

Image Courtesy Eleszto Bar/Facebook

Candelaria – Paris, France

Although at first a Mexican-themed bar in Paris might sound peculiar, Candelaria will convert you based on its fabulous Margaritas alone.

That’s all without mentioning the hidden cocktail lounge, which can only be found through an unmarked door towards the back of the Parisian establishment. Relaxed and lit only by candlelight, it’s here that you will find some of the best drinks in the whole of the French capital.

As for a recommendation, try one of the many Mexican beers they have on tap for an authentic taqueria experience.

Image Courtesy Candelaria/Facebook

The Lord Nelson – London (Southwark)

The final stop on our figurative journey around Europe is a little closer to home; the Lord Nelson in London, Southwark is a great pub that provides the lively atmosphere of the city without the extortionate prices.

Ranked as having the best burgers in London according to Time Out London, the bar is home to quirky décor, a fabulous beer garden and an array of board games for customers to take advantage of while they drink and dine the night away. 

Situated near the famous river Thames, the bar has plenty of kegs filled with great lagers for you to enjoy by the riverside.

Image Courtesy Flickr/Ewan Munro

So, where are you going to pop into as you search for your favorite bar in Europe? If it’s one on our list, be sure to let us know. Happy travels!