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Explore These Four Great Beer Bars in the US

Explore These Four Great Beer Bars in the US

If you’re a beer connoisseur like the rest of us, you’ve probably looked into the country's top beer bars and added them to your craft beer bucket list. 

Perhaps you’ve instead pondered these destinations for a quick second, but never thought to look into them in depth. If the latter sounds more like you, don’t worry, we’ve done all the heavy lifting and brought you 4 beer bars you’ve got to visit. 

 What will these days of beer exploration look like? You can take two CBD gummies with breakfast, explore other attractions these cities have to offer, and then dive in -- taste buds first -- into all the hops they have to offer. 

You’re probably wondering where the CBD comes in handy. Well, in two ways, friends. 

First, your legs may get a little tight and sore after exploring a new city. CBD works to keep pain and discomfort at a minimum thanks to the cannabinoids it contains and its innate relationship with our endocannabinoid system. 

Secondly, it's great for hangovers. If you’re going to visit some of the best beer bars in the country, you know the selection is going to be absolutely insane. You’re going to want to try them all!

Well, maybe not all of them, but you’ll try, and that’s where CBD comes in handy again. Trust us, keeping a few CBD gummies in your pocket will save you from a throbbing headache the next morning. 

Now, let’s get on to the best beer bars in the country. 

the avenue pub new orleans beer bars

The Avenue Pub 
New Orleans, LA

New Orleans offers quite a bit by way of bars, clubs and tourist attractions

There are some microbreweries in the area that have sprouted up over the last few years bringing beer more towards the spotlight. Still, there is one bar in particular everyone raves about that you must visit in NOLA.

What makes The Avenue Pub stand out from the rest? It’s open around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This pub has over 40 taps, with 31 of them rotating to welcome in different flavor profiles as they become available. 

They don't know the actual date this bar was built, but it’s estimated to be built around 1845. This is one of those landmarks you’ve got to visit because it holds a great deal of New Orleans history within its walls. 

belmont station portland oregon beer bars

Belmont Station
Portland, OR

Portland is arguably one of the best brew cities in the nation, with over 70 microbreweries in the city. 

Belmont Station is among one the most popular due to the Can & Bottle Shop, which features over 1400 different beers and cocktails. The Biercafe, which is adjacent, features 35 rotating taps poured from a famed beer engine. 

This establishment has won many beer bar awards over the last 20 years. Visit it to find out why!

hamilton's tavern san diego california beer bars

Hamilton’s Tavern 
San Diego, CA 

If you love yourself a dive bar with tons of personality, then you’ve got to check out Hamilton’s Tavern in San Diego. If we’re being honest, it’s a stretch to call it a dive bar, and if we must, it’s definitely an elevated dive bar. 

It’s been open for over 75 years, so the establishment has definitely endured some changes, but all for the better. And it stays true to the West Coast pride by featuring 25 California brews. 

Oh, and they’re not stopping with a vast selection of unforgettable brews. They have a decent-sized menu, and they even serve beer ice cream!

This is the neighborhood bar you can catch all your friends at. You can even catch the eponymous Mr. Hamilton there almost every day telling stories from his days in the Marines to patrons. 

tiger!tiger! san diego california beer bars

Tiger!Tiger! Tavern
San Diego, CA

While you’re on the West Coast, you’ll want to stop by the brilliant Tiger!Tiger! Tavern. This bar combines two things that go well together—beer and donuts. 

The donuts are only served on Sundays, but there are still some fantastic brews flowing through the taps seven days a week. Oh, and you cannot leave out the chicken and biscuit dish that's whipped up from scratch!

This is one of San Diego’s best beer bars for more than a few good reasons. We can think of three right off the bat that keep the people coming in: outstanding beer selection, yummy donuts on Sundays and homemade bar food that makes you feel like you’re cheating on Grandma. 

This place isn’t only one of the best beer bars in San Diego, it’s one of the best beer bars in the whole country. This is a colossal claim, but it's one that Tiger!Tiger! has earned.

Last Call

You don’t have to go home, but you can't… well... you know the rest! 

Have fun checking out these terrific beer bars around the U.S.