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Hemp buds are the perfect migraine remedy

Hemp buds are the perfect migraine remedy

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In the UK, scientists conducted a study, according to which 15 out of 100 people suffer from at least one migraine attack per month. A migraine is not just a headache. It can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and other unpleasant symptoms. Treatment of this disease occurs with drugs with a lot of side effects, so people with chronic diseases often cannot use them.

Today, the effect of cannabis on the human body is being deeply studied, because the treatment of various diseases with plant components is safer and more environmentally friendly, and to buy weed online Vancouver is very popular. Side effects are minimized, and the effect of such treatment is no worse than that of modern pharmaceutical preparations.

How can cannabis help fight migraines?

The human body is a collection of biological systems. One of them is called endocannabinoid and consists of canna receptors, which are found in the human brain and nervous system. This system regulates a large number of vital functions in the body.

The cannabinoids THC and CBD contained in hemp are able to interact with these receptors, which means they affect the digestive system, appetite, mood, and pain. Accordingly, cannabis buds can actually relieve headaches and improve well-being.

Synthetic forms of THC

Dronabinol is a synthetic form of the cannabinoid THC. It is legally sold in the United States, and was previously used as a drug to fight AIDS, multiple sclerosis. Gradually, the list of diseases expanded, including, it was recommended to take it when a migraine occurs.

However, patients are not completely satisfied with the action of Dronabinol. For some, the drug caused severe headaches, drowsiness, a psychoactive effect that was undesirable.

The medicine begins to act a few hours after it is taken. This means that patients are forced to suffer from severe headaches and nausea for about two hours, or even more, waiting for a miraculous effect. In addition, the high cost of this drug makes it a healing agent "not for everyone."

Are cannabis buds the best alternative?

Compared to drugs of dubious effectiveness, cannabis hybrids like cerial milk strain are an excellent remedy for intense headaches. At a minimum, this is confirmed by the reviews of most consumers. If you smoke buds in optimal doses, then there will be no side effects. Marijuana relieves pain and has a sedative effect, relieves stress, which is often a catalyst for migraines.

According to consumers, indica varieties are more effective in coping with migraines. It is worth choosing hybrids with a high content of CBD and THC, which will allow you to relax the body and relieve it of uncomfortable sensations in a matter of minutes.