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The Holy Grail of Beer Gift Ideas

Ninkasi Total Domination IPA Deluxe Bouquet by Jet Gift Baskets
Ninkasi Total Domination IPA Deluxe Bouquet by Jet Gift Baskets

Sure, there’s a whole bunch of lists you can find on the best places to have beer in practically all states — no, make that all cities in all states across the country — or the top 100 beers of all time or the world’s most delicious fruit beers or the annual beer lover’s holiday gift guide, and so on and so forth.

However, we didn’t want to come up with just another boring list of beer-related or brew-themed gift baskets to the plethora of already available lists that any beer-obsessed person would love to read. We put beer and gift together, raised the standards a notch or two higher, and rounded up this into the list of lists, the Holy Grail of beer gift basket ideas that no one ever knew existed!

Ninkasi Total Domination IPA





  • What beer connoisseur wouldn’t drool over this extraordinary gift basket of their all-time favorite Ninkasi Total Domination IPA six-pack and a mouthwatering bunch of delectable snacks to gobble those beers with. This special 12-pound bouquet of beer and yummy treats will not wait for any occasion to be ravaged and wiped out in a few!



Rocha Mocha Porter Deluxe Bouquet





  • What’s one thing in common about your boss, your father-in-law, and that next-door neighbor who doesn’t stop bragging about his collection of international beers? They’re just so damn hard to impress! But not anymore! You got a bold ally of a beer gift basket in this Rocha Mocha Porter Deluxe Bouquet that is sure to get them jaw-dropping in gratitude when they receive it.


Deschutes Brewery Mirror Pond Pale Ale




  • This beast of a beer gift basket is packed with everything you love about beer and more will definitely make your recipient ecstatic and hysteric -- in the most positive ways! With this extraordinary gift basket of Deschutes Brewery Mirror Pond Pale Ale and sumptuous packs of white cheddar cheese spread, sausages, pepper chips and crackers, you’ll definitely wish every day was your birthday so you’d have this for life!



Bud Light Party for One


  • If you’re off to chillin’ like a villain, then there’s no other way to go about it than with this phenomenal Bud Light Party for One! Every hardworking mom, dad, buddy or frenemy deserves that pat on the back after a hard day’s work or to simply celebrate the gift of life and love and work and friends or just about anything worth giving some cheers to!





Rogue Dead Guy Deluxe Bouquet





  • And then there’s this: Rogue Dead Guy Deluxe Bouquet! Bring it over to the next backyard barbecue in the hood,  and people will know you mean serious beer business with honest-to-goodness fun when it comes to enjoying superb beer flavor and luscious gourmet goodies. These exceptional beer gift baskets have yet to be matched in the market!



Now that you’ve got this all-new, remarkable and unprecedented list of the top beer gift basket ideas ,you can have your eyes on the next time a celebration comes up and you need the best gift for your best buddy, your go-to person, your favorite workmate or for yourself (of course!).

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