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How Beer Affects Women’s Skin

How Beer Affects Women’s Skin

We know that alcohol and beer can cause a lot of bad effects on the body. Excessive drinking can cause heart and liver damage, hallucinations, lung infections, cancer, pancreatitis, stomach distress, infertility, sexual dysfunction, muscle cramps, and can even shrink the brain. However, the latest scientific evidence suggests that drinking excessive beer can also cause a lot of damage to your skin.

Many women would do everything they can to look good and have the perfect skin. They try many creams and serums, get facials every month. And yet, there is one simple solution that can make a world of difference. Give up beer or at least limit its intake, and you will soon have better skin. You will look better and feel healthier.

Excessive beer can cause a lot of problems, such as increased puffiness and redness, blotchiness, and enlarged pores. It can also affect your mucous membrane, liver, and pancreas. Much of the skin damage is because of dehydration. Yes, alcohol dehydrates the skin more than beer, but this doesn’t mean you can keep drinking all the beer you get. When you drink too much beer, it will take away the fluid from your skin, making it excessively dry. Women who have been drinking for several years will have more wrinkles, which is dehydration damage. As a result, you will look much older than you actually are.

Beer Can Also Cause Inflammation

Too much of drinking will inflame your tissues. Systemic inflammation of your skin will lead to a histamine reaction, which causes flushing and redness on your skin. It may not be a problem initially. But over time, the facial redness will set in. It just won’t go away easily.

But even after this, so many big beer festivals are held throughout the world, like Ashley's Belgian Beer Festival and Oktoberfest. It’s a pity that so many women are also seen attending them.

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How Drinking Will Affect Women, Men Differently

You will find similarities between how drinking affects both women, men. However, you will find many differences as well.

  • The level of blood alcohol in women gets higher compared to men when they both drink similar amounts.
  • This happens because women are usually smaller in size, so, the same amount of drink is going into a smaller body.
  • Her level of blood alcohol will be more even if she has the same weight. It will be held as body water, not as fat. The body fat percentage is usually higher in women. This means the body water percentage is lower. Thus, alcohol gets more concentrated.
  • Further, in men, the stomach will break down the alcohol before it goes to the blood. This does not happen so much in women, which causes further problems.

Excessive Beer Can Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer

Many studies have revealed the relationship between cancer and excessive drinking. According to a WHO report of 2014, 21.6 percent of all cancer deaths are related to drinking. Breast cancer is very common in women. It is thus very important to know how drinking increases its risk.

The Million Women Study of Oxford University looked at 1.3 million women to find out how excessive drinking causes cancer. The researchers found those who drank regularly had 11 more instances of breast cancer for every 1000 women. Excessive drinking will also increase the risk of bowel, mouth, liver, laryngeal or the voice box, and oesophageal or the gullet cancer. It gets worse if you drink more.

Drinking May Also Affect Fertility

There are already guidelines for those who are trying to have a baby. The Chief Medical Officers’ in the UK have said that pregnant women and those trying to conceive should completely avoid beer and alcohol to reduce the health risks for the baby. Many studies have revealed that even a little bit of drinking can lower the chances of conceiving.

Drinking at any phase of the pregnancy can harm the baby. There is a high risk for regular drinkers. So stop immediately if you have just found out that you are pregnant.

It can also disrupt the menstrual cycle. Drinking too much may also be bad for male fertility.

Drinking May Also Affect Your Appearance

Drink too much beer and you will surely gain weight, which is why a protruding abdomen is often called “a beer belly”. It can also give you dark spots and tired eyes.

Excessive drinking will interfere with your sleep cycle. You will probably wake up looking and feeling as if you haven’t slept soundly. Apart from dehydrating the body and skin, it will also deprive your skin of many key nutrients and vitamins.

Drinking will also reduce how much fat the body burns to create energy. That’s because it cannot be stored in the body. The system wants to remove it quickly, which is why we pee so much when we drink beer. This process is always the priority over the absorption of nutrients.

Aging and Drinking

We gain fat as well as lose muscle with advancing age. Alcohol is broken down slowly. Hormone level changes when women reach menopause. Drinking can trigger many menopause symptoms, like night sweats and hot flushes. Night sweats can also disturb sleep.

The bones will also become thinner with age, particularly women. Excessive drinking will worsen this, thereby causing osteoporosis, where the bones can become weak and even fragile. This increases the chance of a fracture.

The negative effects of drinking beer can be far-reaching. It will not just ruin your overall health but is also bad for your skin. It will give you an increased risk of skin flushing or redness, blotchiness, acne, rosacea, and puffiness. It will make your skin dry, dull-looking, and enlarge the pores. Your skin will lose elasticity, which can cause wrinkles. It will sag more quickly, which will make you look aged.

So limit your intake of beer if you cannot stay out of it completely. Get professional help to quit drinking. Get treated if the drinking is already causing health issues.