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How Long Do the Effects of CBD Oil Last?

How Long Do the Effects of CBD Oil Last?

Like any other herbal remedy or medication, CBD oil reacts differently in every individual. Sometimes it takes longer than we’d like to start working. Other times, it wears off quicker than we’d like it to. This article will help you find out how long CBD oil products last and what you can do to help them work as quickly, as long and as well as you want them to. In short, this should help you get the most bang for your buck when using CBD oil products.

Because CBD oil products are relatively new to the market, there are no specific guidelines for how big a dose a new user should take. The conventional wisdom is that new users should start with a small dose, see how their bodies react to the product and then gradually adjust from there.

Obviously, some personal factors need to be taken into consideration by each user before they start taking CBD oil products. They include the patient’s age, height, weight, overall health and what condition they are taking the CBD oil for.

Once you determine all this information, CBDStudy shows there are several factors that determine how long the effects of CBD products will last in any individual. These include:

1. How Are You Consuming the CBD?

How you ingest your CBD oil product will have an impact on how quickly you start to feel the effects of the product and how long it will last once you’ve taken it.

Smoking or vaping is the quickest way to get your body to respond to CBD oil products. You can feel the effect almost instantly. Unfortunately, it also wears off more rapidly than some other delivery methods.

Topicals can work almost immediately if you’re taking them to ease pain in a specific muscle group of the body. You rub the cream onto your skin at the area you are treating, and it can start to work in just a few seconds. Keep in mind this has limited applications for pain relief and inflammation in a specific part of the body.

Taking capsules, gummies or other edibles takes the longest to work as your body needs to digest them before they enter the blood stream. This could take an hour or even two if you consume the CBD oil product with a full meal. If you take them on an empty stomach, you can reduce the time it takes to start working to as little as 30 minutes. Ingesting takes the longest to start working, but studies show it will also last the longest and you can feel the effects of these products for as long as six hours.

Tinctures and other liquids that you can place under your tongue start to work in just a few minutes. They generally last for about four hours although that amount will vary person to person.

2. What is Your Overall Health Like?

Your body’s overall health is another factor to consider when determining how long the effects of your CBD oil product will last. People who are battling various diseases know that their body can be affected by this and respond to any medication differently than they did when they were well. Knowing your body and how it responds to CBD oil products or any medication is an important factor in determining how long these products will work for you.

3. Your State of Mind and Mood

How you are thinking and feeling before you take a CBD oil product can also change how quickly the product works and how effective it is. While those products without THC will not get you “high,” having a positive mindset can help make the use of CBD oil products more effective.

Some people do use CBD oil products to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Trying to clear your head a little bit before taking your CBD oil product can help improve its performance.

4. Gender

Hormone levels matter when it comes to CBD’s effectiveness. Men and women have different hormones and different levels of certain hormones in their bodies. Researchers have evidence showing CBD products tend to have a stronger affect on women because they have higher estrogen levels. Women’s menstrual cycles can also change how effective CBD oil products work on them because hormone levels tend to be higher at certain times of the month.

5. The Product Itself

How strong and how good is the product you are taking? Is it pure like Royal CBD? Is it concentrated? All this information will also help determine how well they will work and how long they will last once you’ve taken them.

The fact is products that are made from better ingredients will last longer and be better for your body over the long run. Consumers should try to find products that are made from high-quality ingredients and that have a good reputation within the industry. The higher the concentration of CBD in the product, the longer it is likely to last and the more effective it will likely be over time.

Much of this is trial-and-error until you get to know a particular product and how your body reacts to it. Still, the quality of ingredients and the concentration of the CBD in the product are good guidelines to use when first selecting how you plan to use CBD oil.

Also, when you are looking to buy a new CBD oil product, look for something that features full-spectrum CBD. The reason is simple. Researchers believe that the full-spectrum products interact with each other and help maximize the effect of each individual compound within the product. As a result, the overall benefits are increased and maximized. If you use isolate, parts of the plant have been removed and the product will not be able to maximize the potency and effect of all the compounds and chemicals inside the hemp plant.

Researchers believe that by using full-spectrum products, the effectiveness of the product increases and it will also usually last longer with each dose that you take. In short, you are truly getting your money’s worth when you purchase a full-spectrum CBD oil product.

When you weigh all these factors, you can find the type of product that will work best for you and will last the longest after you take it. It may take some trial-and-error, but these helpful hints will get you there faster if you follow them and pay attention to your body and how it reacts to these products.

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