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How to Promote a Liquor Store

How to Promote a Liquor Store

Legislative restrictions in the production and sale of alcohol are becoming stricter every year. This forces businesses to look for new communication channels and, of course, pay more and more attention to the Internet. Today, a plan to promote an alcoholic brand cannot be imagined without an online component, which is becoming more and more important, and sometimes even replacing offline.

It is clear that the specifics of promoting the site of a manufacturer or seller of alcohol has a lot of nuances, and if they are not taken into account, then you can not only not get results, but also break the law.

Specificity and technology of alcohol brand promotion on the Internet

Many owners of shops with alcoholic products are faced with the problem of advertisers refusing to work with them. Sometimes it’s not even possible to buy Instagram likes to promote the store’s blog, because the services do not always cooperate with the topic of alcohol and gambling. Therefore, other methods must be found. However, it should be noted that not all services refuse to cooperate with such stores.

Before using the Internet to promote a brand of alcoholic products, you need to understand the specifics. So, what is it:

  • The presence of serious legislative restrictions in terms of advertising and promotion, time of sale and buyers (ban on sale to minors in many countries);
  • Great competition in the market and the presence of long-established leaders, both among manufacturers and sellers;
  • The need to provide the buyer with comprehensive information about products: names, standards and certificates, consumer properties, prices.

The first point is especially important and sometimes critical, which forces sellers and manufacturers not only to know the law thoroughly, but also sometimes to be able to competently circumvent it, so that the Internet promotion of an alcohol brand will give the expected results.

Social media

Modern technologies for promoting an alcohol brand in the context of a reduction in permitted communication channels are actively resorting to social media. A corporate page in social networks, as well as a brand website, is not considered advertising, therefore, it can be used to effectively develop a trademark and indirectly affect sales and profits.

Manufacturers place their main bet on Facebook. Other sites such as YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are not as popular yet. However, since Instagram joined Facebook, the difference has almost disappeared. To get to the top of the feed of a large number of users, you can buy likes on Instagram from services that promote accounts in social networks. It will be a great investment that will pay off in a few weeks.

The basis of promotion is the creation of a website

The most important communication channel for a brand that produces or sells alcohol today is a website. It is not considered advertising under the law. On a corporate resource, you can present products, inform customers about its advantages and features, hold promotions and other marketing events.

The main task for the company is to make the site popular and visited by the target audience. For these purposes, such popular Internet tools as SEO and advertising are suitable.