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How THC-Infused Drinks Are Created

How THC-Infused Drinks Are Created

When you decide that you’d like to try CBD products to see if you can experience the benefits that other people say they do, you’ll be impressed with the available options. There’s something for everyone, from gummies and tinctures to vape oils and balms.

However, one product hit the market a little later than others to much curiosity, and that’s THC-infused drinks. You can learn a little more about what these are and how they’re made below.

Infusion Processes for THC-Infused Drinks

Creating a THC-infused beverage is not usually as easy as adding a few drops of Delta 8 THC tincture to a liquid. There’s a science to it, particularly since infusion is defined as soaking or steeping something in liquid.

Typically, herbs of any kind can go through one of two processes: tincture and decoction. Decoction refers to plant matter being boiled in water to absorb the soluble materials into the water. Generally, this process is preferred for extracting as many properties and flavor from the soluble material as possible. The tincture process is similar, with plant matter soaked in alcohol.

However, companies already creating cannabis beverages have refined their processes to the point where their processing information is proprietary. Some might use innovative technology to develop oil-based ingestible products of all kinds, while others rely on a CO2-extracted CBD.

There is also the possibility that companies are using cannabis plants in the way they would use barley when brewing beer. They would create a flavor, remove the alcohol content, then add their CBD product, making sure it was thoroughly mixed.

THC-Infused Drinks for Sale

There is potential for you to purchase tinctures and create your own THC-infused drink, but many people also prefer to buy them when they’re on the go. Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill was signed, there has been no shortage of options.

You can now purchase sparkling waters with THC infusion, energy drinks and powder, herbal teas, sports drinks, cocktails, kombucha, and coffee. With a flavorful base, many people enjoy how palatable CBD and THC can be when infused into a drink.

How to Dose Your Own Beverage

If you would prefer to create your own THC beverage, you may be wondering how much THC to add. Everyone is different, but many CBD product stockists recommend starting with 5mg of THC for a first-time user, up to 10mg for a casual user, and potentially up to 30mg for a seasoned user. However, these are just guidelines, and you may decide a different volume is right for you.  

If you decide to infuse your own THC beverage, make sure you’re in a safe environment, start with a small dose, and divide the dosage if you plan to have more than one drink.

Benefits of THC-Infused Drinks

With so many other CBD products on the market, you might be wondering why some people prefer THC in beverage form. Typically, the wide variety of beverage options can lure some CBD users in, along with the enjoyable drinking experience. Some people also like how little time it takes to feel the full effects of THC or CBD.

THC-infused beverages are an acquired taste, with so much information to consider before you make your decision. It can be worth considering your flavor preferences, the creation process, and potential benefits before making an informed choice.