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International Students’ Day: How Have Students Influenced Brewing?

International Students’ Day: How Have Students Influenced Brewing?

What is International Students' Day and when did it start? Today we will look at this holiday from the perspective of beer lovers, because what is a holiday without beer? Let's run through the history of the holiday and note the impact on the craft beer movement of students. 

Students' Day and Beer: Why Students' Day is celebrated on November 17

To do this, we need to go all the way back to 1939 and the beginning of the Second World War in Czechoslovakia, which was occupied by the Nazis. That year, an anti-Nazi demonstration of students and teachers was dispersed in Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia. During the demonstration, a 24-year-old medical student, Jan Opletal, was shot in the stomach. As such, he became a symbol of the struggle for freedom. The funeral of the young student turned into an anti-Hitler demonstration, and dozens of people who disagreed with the policy of the occupiers were arrested.

The military was engaged in punitive operations to clear the territory of dissidents. On November 17, the troops encircled the student dormitories, where the core of the opposition to the Nazi forces was located. As a result, more than a thousand students were escorted to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, and nine activists were immediately executed. In order not to see a relapse of such an uprising in the future, it was decided to close all universities in Czechoslovakia.

Now, on November 17, Students’ Day serves as a reminder of the sacrifice of those brave young people to the ideas of freedom. In 1941, at a student conference in London, the holiday was founded. In the Czech Republic, this day in the calendar is called the Day of the Struggle for Freedom.

Student's Day and Craft Beer

Students are the most progressive movement within humanity. The desire to realize this dream gives birth to many new forms within the student fraternity, which later enter the culture. It was the students who were at the forefront of the movement for a healthy lifestyle. While they quaffed beers by the liter, they wondered if a better option was available.

Later on, they learned that beer differs. That beer, which was brewed before the industrial era, performed the function of a medicinal remedy, on the example of the works of Paracelsus. It was in ales that various herbs were added, and they were treated for various ailments, and brewed beer with natural antiseptic hops did not allow pathogenic flora to develop inside the ale.

And then the former students, who were concerned about their health, decided to bring beer back to life, only this time as a kind of return to tradition of beer craft. Now the former students have become craft brewers and have multiplied the number of beer varieties, of which there are now hundreds. Craft beer has become a refined product. Different varieties made it possible to emphasize a certain state in which a person was. And for students who are engaged in enhanced brain activity and need some help with essay, craft beer with a low alcohol content gives energy for recovery, vitamins and mineral resources that the brain has used up. Beer allows you to take a break from brainstorming.

Craft beers, such as a milk stout, become an excellent assistant to students who are engaged in active sports, like martial arts. Milk stout contains a large number of calories that the body expends during the workout, which is now mainstream among young people. Milk stout quickly restores muscle fatigue, so it can be used by many athletes.

In winter, when it is cold, the chance of catching a cold increases. To maintain the health of students, it is very important to use those resources that will help strengthen the body's immune system. On that front, ginger beer with honey additives comes out on top. The student no longer needs to look for ginger and then make tea out of it. It is enough for him to order ginger ale and get the synthesis of brewer's yeast for the balance of the intestine, hops a natural antiseptic, and enzymes of ginger and honey, each of which affects the entire defense system and the blood of the body. As a result, the student does not get sick, does not skip classes, uses a coursework writing service and will therefore be successful. Not only that, a student who receives a ginger-honey boost reduces the chances that he will infect his close relatives. Grandparents will be safer with those students who take care of their health.

And, of course, beer brings joy and happiness in communication! Healthy students communicate with each other, experience the joy of being in a single team. Young men communicate with girls, life is in full swing! Beer allows students to relax and enjoy themselves, removing stress from their lives for a while. Beer in small doses is an excellent at reducing stress, especially in our rather difficult time.

So we must thank those brave students for standing up for freedom generations ago, so that students of today can imbibe beers (legally, of course) whenever they want to have fun, reduce stress or even recover from a workout. Cheers!